On his way to the crime Chase thought about having kids.

Chase: Well, I can have pure breed german shepards or mixs cocka-shepards, would that look wierd? Oh waht am I saying! I`ll love them mix or not.

Hazel: Hey Chase.

Chase: Hey! (thinks) Pure breeds it is!

Grace: You look like somethings on your mind Chase.

Chase: No.


Cop: What is it, oh.

Claire: GOD!

Chase ran to see a foot on the sand.

Chase: ................

Emily: .................

Both: o___o

Claire: Oh thats awful!

Hazel: Dont look. (covers his eyes)

Chase: He he!

That night..........

Chase: Some day! We found a foot!

Skye: AAHH! Today I was thinking, im glad no won else came along.

Chase: Yeah! We have time alone.

Chase: (thinks) Rockey would like mixed puppies.

The next day.........

Chase: Hey guys!

Hazel: Heyyyy!

Chase: (thinks) Oh GOD not again!!!!!

Hazel: I want to show ya something.

Chase: Okay.

At the park.......

Chase: Wow!

Hazel: I know.

There was the most beautiful fountan ever in the center of the park. Its water shot to the sky and sparkeld in the sun.

That night........

Chase: Ive got to get some help. (calls Zuma)

Zuma: Chase! I miss you dude!

Chase: I met this german shepard, her name is Hazel. I`ll send you a picture.


Princess: What are you looking at!

Zuma: Got to go!

Chase: Now what? Ive only got 4 more days to make up my mind.

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