Chase: Well, I guess this is goodbye.

Skye: *sigh*

Zuma: See you next week.

Skye: C-Can I come along?

Chase: Umm (thinks) A whole week with her!! But this is really important!

Chase: I'll think about it.


Rocky: Well, better get to the train station.

Skye: Have you made up your mind?

Chase: Yeah, I guess you can come along.

Skye: Great!

Marshall: Miss you already!

At the train station..........

Conductor: All aboard!!!

Chase: You know it will be a long ride.

Skye: I'll make it.

Track: Hey guys!

Skye: Track! What are you doing here?

Track: Well I'm only a conductor pup.

Chase:  We're on our way to San Diego.

Track: What for? (thinks)To run away together probably.

Chase: I'm going on a police investigation.

Skye: I'm going to keep him company.

Track: Have fun with that. (leaves)

That night........

Chase: Ryder got us a hotel room.

Skye: Great!

Chase: Goodnight.

Skye: Chase, my beds kinda cold. Can I sleep with you?

Chase: Ok.

He smiled as Skye laid on her.

The next morning.......... 

Both: Ha ha ha ha!

Skye: That was the most fun I've had in a hotel room.

Chase: Yeah!

Chase: Well I better go.

Skye: I'll be here.

Chase: (thinks) I want everyday to be like that when we live together.

At the crime..........

Claire: There have been body parts washing up on the shore of the river.

Brooklyn: 2 miles away from where 3 kids and an adult went missing.

Chase: BODY PARTS!!!!

Jacob: It's fine.

Grace: I'm here!

Chase: Grace! First Track and know you!

Grace: I'm here to find out who's body parts these are.

Then a German shepherd came up. She was mostly black with a little brown, she had blue eyes like summer rain, and a jewel collar. She was beautiful.

Chase: Hello.

Grace: This is too awkward, I'm the only husky in a place full of German shepherd's. (leaves)

Hazel: I'm Hazel.

Chase: I'm Chase.

That night.........

Chase: (thinks) She was soooo beautiful.

Skye: Something wrong Chase?

Chase: No.

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