Chase: I need to go pick up the pup treats from mr. porter.

Skye: can I come with

Chase: no, sorry Skye

Mr.porter: hi Chase here for the pup treats?

Chase: yeah.

Mr.porter: sorry their not ready yet, but if you helped me bake this cake they'd be done faster

Chase: sure I'll help.

As they put the cake in the oven chase slipped on one of Alex's roller scates and landed inside the cake as the oven door closed

Chase: Help!

Skye: I'm coming chase

Chase: Hurry

Skye: Mr.porter, open the oven door

Mr.porter: but my cakes in there

Skye: but so is chase,

Mr.porter: of corse, (he tried to open the oven) but it's jammend shut

to be contenued

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