This is Chase's adventure; he has to go to Alaska to help with a case where someone is vandalizing the artwork in the Anchorage Museum.


(It's a beautiful summer day in Adventure Bay)

(Ryder, Katie, and all the pups, except Penelope, are playing soccer)

Rubble: Hey, Penelope! C'mon and play!

Penelope: *Nervously* Um... Someone has to make sure that no one gets hurt...

(The Pup-Pad rings)

Ryder: Time out, guys.

(Ryder answers it)

(A man with a police suit is on the other side)


Man: Are you Zackary Ryder Jr.?

Ryder: Uh, yes, and I prefer to be called Ryder.

Man: Fine with me. I'm the chief of the Anchorage Police Department.

Ryder: What can I help you with sir?

Chief: I need to speak with Chase.

Chase: Me? What can I help you with, sir?

Chief: We've got a big case that we can't seem to solve. We usually let our dogs help solve it, but they are all sick with colds. We need you, Chase.

Chase: Me? Um, why do you need me?

Chief: We've heard about the PAW Patrol, and we need the very best cops to solve this case. If we don't solve it, we'll lose most of our important pieces of our state's history.

Chase: That's awful!

Chief: Chase, we need a pup like you to solve this case. Will you accept my request?

Chase: Chase is on the Case, Chief, sir!

(Scene changer: Chase's badge)

(There's a helicopter, with a snowflake around a star on it, sitting next to the Lookout)

(Chase is wearing a different uniform) (It's fit for a mission in the snow)

Ryder: This uniform is specially designed for the mission, so you'll be nice and warm.

Rubble: Good luck, Chase.

Skye: Be careful.

Lilac: Break a paw.

Rocky: Lilac!

Lilac: It's an expression. It means good luck. It was used in theater. Saying bad luck is actually good luck for the actors and actresses.

Marshall: Who comes up with these phrases?

Lilac: Dunno.

Chase: Thanks you guys. I'll be back soon.

(He hops into the helicopter) (The door closes and the helicopter gets ready for takeoff)

(Chase looks out the window and waves his paw)


(The others all wave "bye" back to him) (The helicopter takes off and flies off)

(Marshall grabs a nearby red megaphone)

Marshall: *Shouts through the megaphone* WE'LL NEVER FOREGET YOOOOUUU!!!

(His scream echoes)

(The others cover their ears)

Marshall: Was I too loud?

Penelope: Um, did you say something?

{To be Continued}

Penelope: What did you say?

(click here for part 2)

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