The story of Chase and the case in Alaska didn't go as planned... See why in the bloopers of Chase and the Cold Case

Director: Take 3, Action!

Rubble: Hey, Penelope, come on and-- Ooh!

(He scratches his ear with his paw)


Director: Cut!

Chief: We heard about the PAW Patrol, and we.... we uhh.. uhhh

Chief: We heard about the PAW Patrol, and we want-- no that's not right...

Chief: We heard about the PAW Patrol, and we.... and we... and we.... and we.... Nuts, I'm not gonna get it!

Director: Cut! Get him the script!

Lilac: Break a paw!

Skye: ......... uh..... what was my line again?

Lilac: *Begins to laugh* It's my name, Lilac!

Skye: *Laughs* Sorry! Let me try again!

Director: Okay, tail-slate!

Chase: I'll be back soon!

(He bumps into the helicopter door)

(dazed) Hey, Elsa... is that you?

(He falls down)

Megaphone lady: Cut! Mike, remember to open the helicopter door!

(The helicopter door opens and there is Mike)

Mike: What was that, Twiggy?! I can't hear you over the helicopter!

Megaphone lady: Okay, now, land the helicopter on the big x!

(The helicopter knocks down the set and lands on top of it)

Director: Like she said. On the set.

(The camera zooms in on the snack table)

(Ryder is there grabbing a lot of brussel sprouts from the table)

Ryder: What?

Director: Action!

(Jenna opens the chief's door and she and Chase enter)

(When she closes it.... )

Chase: *howls in pain* My tail!

Director: Cut! Watch the tail, Jenna.

Jenna: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Megaphone Lady: Remember, Brent, press the red button.

Chief: Thanks, Twiggy.... for the 3rd time....

Oakley: Marker!

Director: Take 3, and Action!

Chief: *presses red button* Send Roxette in.

Megaphone Lady: Cut! It's Roxanna, not Roxette!

Chief: Sorry, Twiggy....

Director: Action!

Jenna: Roxanna, one of the workers for the Anchorage Museum? Why her and not someone else?

(The Chief looks up)

Chief: I know how you feel, but she knows more about the museum than anyone we know.

Chase: ....... uh.... I forgot my line.....

Director: Cut! Get Chase the script!

Roxanna: Well, it began about a week ago....

(Flashback: People are bowling)

Director: Cut! Is that my last bowling league?

(A guy scores a strike)

(Crowd cheers)

Director: I got a turkey.... how did this flashback get here?

Chase: *Ruff* Chase is on the--uh,... feather... Achoo!

Director: Cut! I said no feather pillows...

Jenna: Let's go!

Chase: Alright!

(They head for the door, but Jenna hits the closed door)

Megaphone Lady: Cut! Tilly, open the door!

(More are coming soon)

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