Narrator: Coming this summer. 

Ryder: What how did we get in a big cage. 

Humdinger: Good question my boy. But how are you going to call for help without your pup pad. 

Narrator: Now when evil rise in the darkness. 

Ryder: I hope Chase and Zuma get here on time. 

Humdinger: Like they ever will come for you guys. 

Rocky: You wanted get away with this. 

Narrator: Join Chase. 

Chase: Chase is on the case. 

Narrator: Zuma. 

Zuma: Let's dive in. 

Narrator: Katie. 

Katie: Let's roll to the rescue. 

Narrator: Alex. 

Alex: I'm ready for a ruff ruff rescue. 

Narrator: Cail.

Cail: This act is for a cat. 

Narrator: Ace. 

Ace: Let's take to the sky. 

Narrator: Mayor.

Mayor: Let's dig it. 

Narrator: Captain. 

Captain:  Ready set get wet. 

Narrator: And AL. 

Al: Green means go. 

Narrator: It's a mission to save the paw patrol. 

Kate: Give it up Humdinger we know your here. 

Humdinger: How do you plan to stop me. 

Chase: With the power of friendship. 

(Chase and Zuma to the rescue. )

Narrator: Can they stop him before the paw patrol is no more. 

Humdinger: I'll be back. 

Chase: No you won't be back we can stop you again. 

Humdinger: NOOOOOO! 

The end of the Seek Peek. 

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