This is my first Fanon wiki Post so hope you enjoy it! I'm Chase the police pup555, and I love writing stories! :)

Story .......

A nice sunny morning in adventure bay

As usual chase was the first pup to wake up

Chase : * pulls out his megaphone* Wake up everypupp !

all the pups except Marshall wake up .

Marshall: *snores* ZZZZZ

Skye : Hello Chase Good Morning !

Chase : *looks,around*Are you talking to me?

Skye: Yea!


Rocky : Why do I have to wake up *Yawns!* so early !

Rubble: Did Ryder put out breakfast yet!

Zuma:*rubs his eyes* can I go back to sleep!


Ryder:*playing on his pup pad* RINGS Hey Katie .

Katie *over phone * :hey Ryder.can Skye come over for a spaday

Ryder : sure I'll tell her right now!


Chase: Hey Skye! Catch the ball

Skye: *jumps high in the air and catches ball*

Marshall : great catch Skye!

Rocky: anybody seen my tug toy?

Rubble: here it is*brings it to Rocky*

Rocky : thanks, want to play?

Rubble: Do I !

Zuma: Cool catch , Dudette

Chase: Yea she is very athletic *sighs Dreamily*

Skye: Uhh Chase ? Are you okay?

Rocky: Chase , Chase ?

Skye: Earth to Chase!

Marshall: hey what is wrong is wrong with Chase?

Chase: *snaps out of his trance*huh! Oh hey Marshall!

Skye: were you staring at me ? *blushes hardly*

Chase: Uhh , no

Rocky : ok then

Skye : *her pup tag rings *

Ryder through pup tag : skye , katie wants to have a spa day you and Cali

Skye: sure Ryder tell her i'll be there soon *does backflip*

Katie's Salon .......

Cali : Meow!

Katie : Hold on Cali,Skye will be here soon !

Skye :*walks through Katie's salon doors (hey Katie)

Katie : hey Skye,ready for our spa day

Cali: meow *points at herself *

Katie : with Cali

Skye: *giggles *


Ryder:Chase catch the ball *throws the ball*

Chase:*ball hits Chase *

Rocky :Chase are you okay ?

Chase : yea i'm fine

Ryder : Chase ,what happened ?

Chase: *under his breath * I wish Skye was here ,*only rocky heard him*

Ryder: what's wro *his sentence was cut short by Rocky

Rocky : *whispers* i think Chase has a crush on Skye , He was acting a little weird earlier today

Ryder :*whispers to chase * do you like Skye ?

Chase : Um..Well *starting to cold sweat* Uh.No?

Ryder : Come on Chase , You can tell us anything

Chase : Alright.. Maybe

Rocky : Chase

Chase: ok yes I like Skye . I had a crush on her since the day I met her !

Ryder: do you want help to ask her on a date?

Chase : you will do that for me really ?

Ryder : yes Chase you are our friend !

Rocky: yeah bud !

Ryder :*pulls out his pup pad * PAW PATROL to the lookout

Katie's Salon ........

skye:*pup tag rings *skye you don't need to come to the lookout we don't need you for this mission ,said Ryder


one elevator scene later ......

Chase:Ready for action ! hehe*whimpers*

Ryder: pups we have a special emergency Chase likes Skye and we need to help him ask her out


Ryder: Rocky i need you to find the perfect place for their date

Marshall i 'm putting you in charge of helping chase get flowers for Skye

Rubble you can get pup treats and food from Mr. Porter

Chase I need you to ask her out when she comes to the lookout

Chase: Ryder I dontt think I can do it

Every pup and Ryder: we know you can do it

Ryder: Alright ,PAW PATROL is on a roll

all pups : go down the slide

Ryder: *slide down his Fireman's pole *

Katie's Salon ......

Skye : huh I wonder what their mission's about

Katie : whatever it is we girls are just relaxing *removing cucumber from her eyes* Isntt that right Cali

Cali : meow *lying down in her bath*

Lookout ....

Rocky : sniffing around for a good place* Aha Found the perfect place ( under a tree where they could see the sunset

(Scene change chase's badge )

Marshall: come on Chase lets get the flowers for Skye

Both:* walk into the florist's shop *

Cashier : how can I help you pups ?

Chase : can I get some roses 2 pink ones on each side with 3 red roses in the middle

Marshall: nice pick Chase !

Cashier : excellent choice !

Chase : and the card should say " I love you with all my heart you are the best pup in the world ,Love Chase"

Marshall: Wow Chase you really thought this through !

Chase :*blushes*

Mr. Porters Restaurant........

Rubble: Hey Mr. Porter

Mr . Porter: hey rubble what can I get you ?

Rubble : i need some pup treats and some ..uhhh..Spaghetti with 2 meatballs

Mr. Porter: sure . What is the spaghetti for ?

Rubble : Itss for Chase and Skye's date

Mr. Porter: those two are finally dating . I always thought Chase was a little awkward around Skye.

Rubble : well not exactly ,Chase is going to ask her out TODAY *dragging his paw across the ground *

Mr. Porter : oh..okay I better get the food ready *running to the kitchen*

(scene change zuma ' s badge )

zuma: *at the beach feeding Wally* Hew you go dude *tosses him another fish*

Wally: ark ark *catches the fish* and eats it .

Zuma:* pup tag lights up *

Ryder through pup tag : we need you to help Rocky set up a umbrella over Chase and Skye 's dinner date table.

Zuma : you got it Wyder .Let's dive in . Bye Wally *waves*

Wally : ark ark *waves his flipper* swims away

(scene change Rocky's badge)

Rocky : *tries to push up the umbrella over the table*

Zuma : dont wowwy dude i'll help

Rocky : oh good you are here I'll take the other end in the tree *barks* grabber *grabber comes out of his pocket

(scene change chase's badge )

Chase : ryder sir *speaking into his pup tag *

Ryder through pup tag: yes Chase

Chase : i need to get freshened up at Katie's Salon

Ryder: okay I'll call Katie and ask her where Skye is

Chase : thanks Ryder

Ryder calls Katie on his phone : Katie this is Ryder where is Skye

Katie : *through phone* She is right here . Why?

Ryder : Chase wants to freshen up and Skye cannot see him there

Katie : why not?

Ryder then explains the whole thing to her

Katie : awwww!

Ryder : now are you up to speed

Katie : yea .aww puppy love

okay I am going to send Everest to pick her up .

Ryder calls Everest and explains the situation

Everest: okay Ryder . Ice or Snow I am ready to go .

Ryder: okay everest hurry

Everest : while riding on the trail she is blocked by snow *barks* snowplow

starts back riding : WooHoo

(scene change paw patrol symbol)

Chase is walking on the sidewalk *pup tag rings * yes Ryder sir , Ryder :Everest is coming to pick Skye up hurry and get freshened up quickly .

Marshall: *walking beside Chase* so Chase are You nervous

Chase: yes very

Marshall : well there is no need because you deserve Skye she is hardworking and so are you !

Chase : I am just nervous that she dosentt like me back *whimper*

Marshall: it is going to be okay

just as Marshall said that Everest zoomed by on her snowplow rig

Everest : *stopped by the pups * hopped out . Hey Marshall And Chase so Ryder told me that you like Skye.

Chase : *blushes his cheeks are very red *yes i do very much .

Everest : okay I have to pick up Skye . Your girlfriend *she said mockingly *

Chase : blushes hey knock it off

Everest : okay okay I need to pick her up bye

Chase and Marshall : bye Everest

(scene change rubble's badge)

Rocky : hah the table is perfect and they have a view of the sunset

Zuma: yes it really is *walks over to the cliff* hey there is Wally

Wally: ark ark

Zuma: hey dude!

Rocky: all it needs is the

Rubble: FOOD

Rocky and Zuma: hey rubble you finally Brought the food

Katie's Salon.....

Chase : i really like Skye she is like the pup of my dreams .

Katie : I think skye and you will be cute .

Marshall: yep me too

Chase: * blushes * alright Everest said that Ryder Told her to bring Skye back by 5:00 pm.

Katie : oh .boy it's 4:25 i better hurry .

(scene change paw patrol symbol with Skye and Chase's badge)

At the Lookout....

Ryder: Chase are you ready ?

Marshall,Rubble,Rocky and Zuma: are you ready Chase? You will do fine .

Everest over Ryder's pup pad : i am bringing Skye back to the lookout ,okay Ryder

Ryder: over and out Everest .

Marshall: Chase fix your bow tie

Chase: okay thanks Marshall *chuckles slightly*

Ryder : Skye will be here soon . Rocky put these 2 balloons where Chase will be sitting

In Everest's Snowplow Rig....

Everest: we will be at the lookout in a minute

Skye: okay this was the best snow evening ever

Everest :*laughs * *under her breath* and there is more to come.

Skye: what was that Everest ?

Everest : I was agreeing with you *chuckling nervously*

Everest : we are here at the lookout

Inside the Lookout....

Chase: Ryder There is Skye .what do I do ,what do i do ?*running around inside*

All : you can do it Chase

Chase : thanks guys okay where are the flowers

Rubble : don't forget about the heart shaped cookie with you and Skye's badge

Marshall : you got this buddy *pats Chase's back*

all: we have faith in you look here she comes

Everest: we have a surprise for you inside *chuckles* woohoo! I kept a secret *runs inside*

Skye: huh I wonder what Everest meant *shrugs her shoulder*as she looked inside she saw Chase with her favorite rose bouquet from the florist ,she was shocked

Chase:*puts down roses* Skye you are the *gulps*most beautiful ,kindest ,sweetest ,pup I have ever met and I really like you,I have had a Crush on you since the day I met you and I am sorry I took so long to confess my crush . So all I ask of you is will you go * closes his eyes* on a date with me ~ waiting for a rejection ~

Skye : I have had a crush on you too * blushing*she then tackles him pinning him to the ground she licks him on his cheek .

Chase : that's o~wait what?? You said yes HOWL!he then realizes that Skye licked him on his cheek *chase cheeks were a crimson red blushing*

All: congratulations Chase and Skye

Skye : feeling very embarassed Skye started to walk backwards

Chase: *takes Skye's paw *it's okay I'm here

Skye: nuzzles into chase's side no matter who was looking

Chase: So how about that date ?( blushes)but before do you want to eat the cookie ?

Skye : What cookie? * a confused look on her face*

Chase: oh that's right * puts paw over face*i forgot to show you the cookie *raises up cover off of the plate*

Skye: Chase you did this for me ? Chase: with the help of Rubble *points to Rubble*

Chase : do you like the flowers

Skye: they are my favorite ones from the florist

Chase : i did it with the help of Marshall*points to Marshall*

Skye: well you really outdid yourself

Chase:well it isntt finished yet c'mon *runs to the back of the lookout*

Skye: hey wait up!

Chase: TA-DA! Skye this is all for you ,my favorite pup.

Skye: *tearing up looking at the date table* WOW!

all pups,Ryder and Katie :they are the perfect couple

Chase:*pulls out Skye' s chair * your chair sweety

Skye: thanks Chase *blushing*

Chase :this spaghetti is delicious

Skye: who set up this dinner table ?

Chase: Rocky and Zuma

Skye: oh Chase you and your friends *smiling at him*

chase: i wonder if we could get the same spaghetti noodle he thinks

Skye: uh Chase *blushes*look ,

Chase : what? Oh (thinks Yay I have the same noodle as Skye )

Both : not looking at each other then they got closer and closer then it happendd (they kissed)

Other pups and Ryder and Katie : awwwww!

Chase and Skye :*walk over to the cliff leaning into each other * I love you Skye ,I love you Chase

Both: look at the sunset together

Back in the lookout

Chase and Skye :playing pup pup boogie finals

Both: Tailspin! Spin into each other ,then spin into the beanbags

Rubble: hey guys !

Both: hey Rubble


Both:what ?

Chase: *looks up*

Skye:*looks down*

Both :blush

Chase: umm Skye can you get *clears throat**blushes*off of me

Skye : sorry Chase hehe

Rubble: anyways want to watch the new episode of Apollo the super pup

Both:sure *lie down on the same bean bag *


Now it's time for another episode of Apollo the super pup

(music )

(episode begins)

Both : Yawn ,are you sleepy


Skye: me *yawn* too

Both:*fall asleep on each other*

(Apollo the super pup episode ends)

Ryder: pups ? Chase ,Skye wake up!

Both:huh hey Ryder

Chase:we fell asleep when Apollo The super pup episode began.

Skye:*stretches*hey chase want a snack ?

Chase: yes thank you

Skye:*walks over to snack machine with his food bowl,puts some biscuits into his bowl*

Skye:*walks back over to Chase *here you go

Chase:thank you ,eats the biscuits.

Skye: *nuzzles him*

The Next Day at

Farmer Yumi's farm....

(wind blows very strongly around the barn )*part of Bettina's pen collapsed*


Farmer Yumi : come back ! Bettina! *pulls out her phone*

Ryder : *playing games on his pup pad * RINGS

Farmer Yumi :* over phone * Ryder I need help!

Ryder : what's wrong Farmer Yumi ?

Farmer Yumi : Bettina ran away ! Part of her stable collapsed and she got scared then ran away into my fields.

Ryder: don't worry Farmer Yumi ,No job is to big ,no pup is to small*pulls out the special attachment to his Pup Pad ,PAW PATROL to the Lookout .

(screen shows Chase ,Marshall ,Zuma and Rocky)

4 pups: Ryder needs us !

one elevator scene later ,

Chase : ready for action Ryder sir,

Skye:*sighs dreamily at chase *

Ryder: PAW PATROL, we have an emergency ,part of Bettina's pen collapsed and she ran away into Farmer Yumi's fields . Okay i'll need Rocky ,you need to repair Bettina's pen ,

Rocky: Green means go.

Ryder: Chase,i'll need you to use your sniffing skills to find Bettina

Chase: Chase is on the case

Ryder: and ..uh..skye I'll need you to try and locate Bettina from the air .

Skye : huh?..oh..yip yip ,letss take to the sky .

Ryder: Alright,PAW PATROL is on a roll

pups: slide down to their rigs

Ryder: * slides down his fireman's pole *

(One truck scene later)

(scene change Chase and Skye's badge side by side)

Chase: Skye ,you see anything?

Skye : yes Bettina ,she 's not far from you !

Chase: *speeds ahead *

Skye: go Chase Go!

Chase: Found her yay . Come on Bettina ,fresh hay *shows her the hay*

Skye :*lands right next to them * Chase got her?

Chase: yea

Skye: That's my police pup *nuzzles Chase*

Chase : Thanks skye *nuzzles her back*

(scene change Rocky's badge)

Rocky : almost , Finished!

Ryder: what a good pup

Rocky: here come the two lovebirds now *points to Chase and Skye*

Both : Rocky !

Rocky:okay sorry

Ryder: where is Bettina ?

Chase: right behind me

Bettina: Moo! *chewing hay*

Skye: *giggles* Bettina is one hungry cow! *lands her helicopter*

Chase: she is

Ryder: good job guys you are all good pups

Back at the Lookout....

Skye: I'm Gonna get you Chase !

Chase :*running away from Skye*no you can't *laughs*

Skye : *pops out in front of chase *Caught you !

Chase: Ahh! stumbles into Skye and rolls into the lookout *

Both: Ryder look..out

Ryder:*puts out his hand and catches them*I got you!

Both: thanks Ryder Hehe*nervously*

Ryder:what happened ?

Skye: we were playing Tag and i popped out infront Of Chase ,he stumbled into me then we rolled into the Lookout .

Chase: yea

Ryder: hehe you two love pups


Chase : i bet you can't keep this ball away from me! Bye*runs outside*

Skye: come back here*runs after him*

they reach to the back of the Lookout ,Skye then pounces on Chase.

Chase:*looks behind* Oh boy*scared*

Skye:*then tackles him to the ground,pinning him to the ground *


Skye: *licks him on his cheek *

Chase:*embarassed* Skye ,look

Skye: turns her head*

Both: see all the other pups and Ryder And Katie watching


Skye: sorry Chase.

Chase: that's okay Skye,Itss from you *smiles at Skye*

Skye : I'll always love you *lets him up*nuzzles him*

Episode ends with Chase and Skye With their badges in a heart *nuzzling each other*

The End

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