"Skye is having pups!" Rubble came running into the lookout shouting to Ryder and the pups. Marshall was playing pup pup boogie with Rocky and he spun off because he was shocked. He knocked everyone over. "What?" Ryder yelled. "Chase and Skye are in Chases pup house. Skye is going to have pups!" Rubble said. Everyone went to Chases house. "Chase? Hey!" Chase called Ryder's pup pad. "Ryder! We're at the hospital! Come on! Skye's having pups!" Chase said. "We're on our way!" Ryder said. When they got to the hospital Chase took them in to the waiting room. "Whoever is the husband, come in." The doc said. Chase went in to Skye. "It's twins!!" Chase said thirty minutes later. Everyone went in. "Their names?" Zuma asked. "Hmm.. How bout Ann and Lee? Yea!" Skye and Chase said. Everyone went home. Ann and Lee were on their way of becoming a member of the paw patrol.

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