Chase: Chase and Skye 2


Chase and Skye.

Tundra and Rocky.

Zuma and Princess.

Marshall and Rosie.

Winter and Ace.


(at the airport Chase, Skye, Tundra, Rocky, Zuma, Princess ,Rosie and Marshall to go to Paris and Las Angelas for couple the plane)

Skye: Chase where are we going?

Chase:I can't tell it"s a surprise.

Skye: i cant wait to see where going with the guys.

Chase: Skye.

Skye: what   (Chase gives Skye a warm kiss)

pilot:this is your captain speaking we will be landing impatiently please use your seatbelts.

Chase: babe.

Skye: what.

Chase: close your eyes it won't be a surprise if you not closing your eyes.

(winter and ace)

Ace: close your eyes Winter it"s a surprise.

(the plane landed and the pups go to the town)

Chase: open your eyes Skye.

(Skye open her eyes and see there at Paris France)

Ace: open your eyes Winter.

(Winter also opens her eyes to see there at Paris France, after that at the hotel Ace and Chase)

Ace:hey dad.

Chase:what ace.

Ace: this is a best vacation ever, wait where's uncle Rocky, uncle Marshall, and uncle Zuma?

Chase: They're at the party.

Ace: me too I'm taking winter there.

Chase:I'm taking your mother. Bye son.

Ace: bye dad.