Part 2 Last part! Honestly making this story was a little tricky since sometimes I ran out of ideas😁 So please give nice comments on this.

Chase: I like you Skye!!

Skye: I like you too Chase that's why we are best friends.

Chase: No, I mean it in another way!

Skye: Oh! In that case...(blushes) I also like you too!

Random pause between them.

Chase: (smiles) Hey! Would you like to have a picnic at the beach?!

Skye: Sure! Sounds fun!

Marshall: Heeeeeeeeeeey guuuuuuuuys!!!!

Skye: Marshall? Are you alright?

Marshall: Yeah! Are you alright Skye?

Chase: Marshall stop acting like this, Skye knows already!

Marshall: Boom! Finally dude.

Chase: Marshall.

Skye: Oh Marshall! Hey lets play!

Marshall: Ok! We can race!

Chase: Yeah, but just a warning!

Skye: What?

Chase: I'm the fastest!

Marshall: Yeah right!

Skye: Lets find out then!

Pups laugh

The Next day

Ryder: Morning pups!

Zuma: Morning Ryder!

Ryder: Where is Chase and Skye?

Rocky: They're having their breakfast at the beach.

Meanwhile with Chase and Skye

Chase: This is nice!

Skye: Yeah! I love watching the sunrise.

Chase: It's beautiful! Like you.

Skye: (blushes) aw Thanks Chase!

Chase: Skye?

Skye: Yes Chase?

Chase: Would you be my girlfriend?

Skye: Yeah!

The End.

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