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  • Ryder
  • Chase
  • Skye
  • Zuma
  • Marshall
  • Rocky
  • Rubble
  • Katie
  • Surprise OC
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When a Chain Reaction of arguments start between Chase and Skye , Chase gets tired of this and runs away into the forest leaving his pup house . During this , Skye starts to get worried and regret arguing with him so much. She then gets slightly depressed . Meanwhile , the pups have two missions Find Chase and Cheer up Skye . Ryder decides to put this situation into one mission . When they find Chase who was rescued by a hyper Skye , she can't help blurting out her feelings for him, Will They eventually become a couple? Will they see each other again?

Chapter 1.The Incident

It was a wonderful day (Morning) in adventure bay. The pup's were playing tag at the lookout.Marshall was it.

Chase: You can't catch me.

Marshall: Oh I'm gonna get ya.

Skye: Can i join you?

Marshall & Chase: Sure, you're it!

Skye chases after them. They played for a while and were very tired.

Katie then comes to the lookout to go to the beach with Skye and Everest.

Katie: hey girls want to go to the beach

Everest and Skye: sure Katie , let's go

Other pups : Ryder can we go to the beach too!

Ryder : sure pups , let's have a beach day !

They all go down to the beach

The boys start playing Volleyball

The girls set up some beach chairs and relax while drinking some smoothies from Mr. Porter.

Rocky hits the ball to Chase , Chase hits it back to Rubble , Rubble slips and hits the ball to Marshall who catches the ball but bounces up and down towards Chase who tries to catch Marshall but starts bouncing up a down like Marshall too .

They bounce towards the girls

Chase: Look out! * Chase and the ball hits Skye and Katie .

Skye : *angrily* Chase ! Why did you do this !?

Chase : it wasn't me it was Marshall .

Marshall : I'm sorry Skye

Skye : it was Chase's fault ! Not yours

Chase: how was it my Fault ?

Skye tackles Chase to the ground and starts arguing.

Rocky : oh boy here we go again!

Rubble : Guys , guys!

Zuma : * tries to pull Chase away*Come on Chase!

Everest: *tries to pull Skye away *Please Skye ! Come on !

Chase: Okay Zuma, let's go please get her off ! Ahh!

Katie: *picks up Skye* Calm down!

Chase : * gets up and backs off really slowly*

Rubble :Come on guys let's go !

Rubble & Zuma followed Chase back to the lookout.

Ryder : Rocky what happened ! ?

Rocky : *explains the whole situation * to Ryder . So that's what happened !

Ryder : *speaking to Katie*why are they fighting ?

Katie: Marshall & Chase accidentally bounced towards Skye & Me with the ball.And Skye got angry and tackled Chase.

Marshall: But it was my fault.

Ryder : i know Marshall but ,Skye doesn't want to accept that

Ryder: Come on let's go to the lookout !

They headed back to the lookout. Meanwhile Chase was in his pup house he locked the door.

Chase: It wasn't my fault.

Rubble and Zuma knocked.

Zuma: Come on Dude.

Rubble: Chase Please come out of there.

Chase didn't answer then Ryder,Katie and the other pup's arrive.Ryder knocked on Chase's door. Chase sulked alone. Ryder: Come on Chase please.

But still Chase did not answer.

Katie: Just give him some time Ryder

They all went inside the lookout. The pup's were playing pup pup boogie. Katie was watching the pup's play. Ryder was worried about Chase. Skye was feeling a little sorry for what she did.

Chapter 2. Running away

Now let's go back to Chase. Chase was still in his pup house. He felt like his heart broke.

Chase: It was Marshall's fault not mine.

He thought that Maybe He and Skye are not perfect for each other.

Chase: I really like her but if she doesn't like me back, What's the point of staying here?

He thought about it and he decided to run away. He does not want to leave his duties but as he said she doesn't like him back. Chase started to pack his stuff. He left a note beside his pup house. He took one last look of the lookout and then he walked away

Back inside the lookout Skye feel's bad on what he did to Chase. Skye decided to talk to him. Skye walked over to Chase's pup house.

Skye: The door is open,Chase you in there?

Skye noticed that most of Chase's stuff is gone. Then she saw the note beside Chase's pup house. She read's it after that she ran to Ryder Crying.

Ryder: Skye are you okay?

Skye gave the note to Ryder. Ryder read's the note and He was crushed inside.

The note says

Dear Ryder & Pup's

I'm sorry I'm causing trouble around here. I didn't mean to hurt anybody, but

you won't have to worry about my mistakes any more because I can't cause trouble if I'm gone. Good bye ...FOREVER!


Ryder: *hands them the note* This will answer your Questions

Rocky: Chase is gone . *gasps* Well, he feels really bad for what he didn't even do! He would NEVER hurt Skye,even on accident!

Rubble: Yea, I agree with you!

Skye : What do you mean ?

Marshall: What they mean is that Chase gets really worried about you ,even when i'ts minor

Ryder: Yea , Skye , haven't you seen when you went camping and he was so worried about you?

Skye: Well i guess

They had a really long conversation so 2 hour's later.

Skye: *Starting to Cry*

Ryder: Skye,Please don't cry we'll find Chase

Skye ran to Chase's pup house and locked the door.

Rubble: Uh

Rocky: Oh!

Rubble: Hey! How are we going to get her out from there?

Ryder: I don't know Rubble,Wait!

Marshall: Got an idea?

Ryder: Yea , come on!

Meanwhile inside Chase's pup house.....

Chapter 3. Feeling Depressed

Skye: It is all my fault !

I should never have scolded him so badly!

I should have listened to Marshall !

huh? What is this? *looks at some pictures* Wow! He really has pictures of his Mom and Dad and his sister

(looks at a picture of her) Why is this here? *turns it around* she reads:

Dear Skye, I if you are seeing this picture, you should now that I'm really sorry, but I think after the incident at the beach I can't stay ! I am sorry about this

Love, Chase your police/spy pup. :{

Skye: * was even more heartbroken She began to cry loudly* Chase I am so sorry!

Meanwhile somewhere in the woods.....

Chase was walking deeper and deeper into the wood's. After and hour of walking he decided to take a short break. He took off his back pack (NOT Pup pack) and grabbed his food in the process he saw a picture of him and the pup's.

Chase: (Took a good look at the photo) I remember this this photo was taken on my birthday

After seeing the photo he thought.

Chase: Did i make the right choice?

He ate his snack and after that he started walking again.

Chase: Hmm I wonder What will the others are do without me?

He continued walking,he went deeper and deeper into the woods and then he realized that.

Chase: I'm Lost! (Looks around) Where am i?

He was lost in the forest an He can't find a way out.

Chase: What am i gonna do? (Whimpers)

Meanwhile back at the lookout...

Skye was still and inside Chase's pup house.

Skye :Why!? *Crying*

She cried all morning long.

The other pup's and Ryder have a plan to get Skye to come out and After that ( If it works ) they will start looking for Chase even if the plan doesn`t work.

Rocky: ok guys let's start!

Ryder: Ok first let me talk to her and if that doesn`t work we`ll have to do plan B.

Rocky,Rubble,Marshall,Zuma: Ok!

Ryder: We need Skye and her helicopter to look for Chase so if we can`t get her out one of you will have to drive her helicopter.

Rocky,Rubble,Marshall,Zuma: Ok wait What?!

Ryder: *Walks to Chase`s pup house and knocks on the door* Skye you in there?

Skye doesn`t answer,But Ryder can hear her crying. Ryder knocks on the door again.

Ryder: Come on Skye,Please come out.

Skye: Go away!

Ryder: Please Skye come out!

Skye: Ok, *walks out holding Chase's pictures of her! *

Ryder: Good now do you want to rescue Chase?

Skye: Yeah! *says in her mind* (still whimpering)

Ryder: Ok, PAW Patrol to the lookout !

Rocky: and Marshall: FInally!

Chapter 4.Finding Chase!

The pups all gather at the top floor of the lookout. (No elevator scene)

Back In The Forest....

Chase: *gets checked by a cord*Uhh....

After several minutes of walking he decided to take a break.

Chase: hmm I wonder How the others are doing without me? I bet they are better without me!

Back at the Lookout.


Chapter 5.



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