Chapter One

{In this story Chase and Skye, Ryder and Katie, and Marshall and Everest are already dating}

It was winter in Adventure Bay

Chase and the boys (including Ryder) were supposed to be getting presents for their girlfriends ( well, not rocky, Zuma, or Rubble). Chase was freaking out . Chase:(panicked) I've never had a girlfriend before. Ryder you have had one before, what do I get skye?

Ryder: ( panicked also) What are you talking about!!!??!?!?! I've NEVER EVER EVER had a girlfriend.

Chase: Oh well .

Marshall:( panicked) HELP ME!!!!!! I don't know what to get Everest!!!

Rocky:relax there's nothing to worry about

Zuma: Yeah dudes just think of what they like

Marshall: Well Everest likes me

Rubble: ugh this is going to be a long day

Chapter Two Coming Soon ( like tomorrow or later this week I don't like to wait and I know you guys don't so yeah......)

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