WARNING: this story has a pup being hurt not seriously injured. But if you dont like it please don't read it

It was a foggy day in Adventure Bay the Paw Patrol decided to stay inside the lookout untill it clears up.

Dirge: I hope it clears up soon.

Zuma:It will In 5-6 hours

Skye: How do you know?

Zuma:I heard it on the news on the TV this morni...


Rubble: What was that?

Ryder: It sounded like if it came behind the lookout

They all go outside and found Chase lying on the ground with a piece of the slide on top of him

Skye: Chase!!!!

Dirge: Is he ok?

Marshall: He is still breathing

Rubble: Is his paw supposed to twist like that?

Ryder: He is unconscious let’s get him out of there

They soon all move the slide away with Rubble's bulldozer, still unconscious they took Chase in and set him down

Rocky: We got to do something   

Ryder: Let me take him to Dr.Torres, Rocky you’re in charge until I come back

Rocky: Green Means go!

Ryder: Good

He soon leaves with Chase in the foggy day

Skye: I hope he is ok I can’t image what would happen if….

Zuma: If what?

Skye: Never mind.....

Rubble: Let’s go and see what caused it

Rocky: Ok

Dirge: Let’s see what caused this, Marshall get your ladder to see up there

Marshall: Ok

Marshall then gets his ladder and climbs up

Zuma: Do you see anything?

Marshall: I wish I could can you hand me a flashlight?

Rocky then hands him his flashlight using his claw

Marshall:It looks like if the bolts on this slide where loose then gave out

Skye: How could that be? We’ve been riding it since the first day

Rubble: Maybe it loosened by the time and weather, were lucky that it didn’t fall during sliding on it yesterday

Rocky: That could be it, But why was Chase out here anyway?

Dirge: The last time I talked to him was that he had to go somewhere

Zuma: We just have to wait and see till he comes back

They all go back inside waiting meanwhile with Ryder

Ryder: Is he going to be ok?

Dr.Torres: Yes yes yes he just has a bump on his head and has a broken paw in his front-left one, I put a cast on it so let’s wait until he wakes up

Hours passed

Chase: Huh?

Dr.Torres: Oh good you’re awake so Chase how do you feel?

Chase: Who are you?

Dr.Torres: You know me from your monthly check up and every other month

Chase: No I don’t.....

Ryder: Hey Chase?

Chase: And who are you?

Ryder: Dr.Torres he does not remember anything

Dr.Torres: I fear he has amnesia

Ryder: Oh.... so how long till his memory comes back?

Dr.Torres: I’m afraid I don’t know that it may be awhile, well other than that he’s ok, and you can take him home his paw will heal in a month or two

Ryder then takes Chase back to the lookout

Ryder: We're back

Skye: Chase are you ok?

Chase: Who are you? Who is Chase? And….. you’re pretty and beautiful, have we met before?

Skye: (she blushes) Thanks…(Concerned) Ryder what is wrong with him?

Ryder: Chase has amnesia and a broken front left paw

Marshall: So he doesn’t remember us?

Dirge: How long till his paw heals?

Ryder: A month or two and his amnesia is unknown it could be days, weeks, or even months

Rocky: Who is going to do what Chase does in a mission when someone needs us?

Ryder: You are, you fit perfectly in Chase’s uniform

Rocky: Me?

Dirge: Phew

Chase: Ouch! Why does my paw hurt?

Zuma: Wyder we figured that the slide had lose bolts and fell on top on him

Chase: There’s a slide in here!?

Ryder: Oh that makes sense its been a long time since its been placed, Chase let me carry you where you're gonna lay down

Chase: Oh you’re talking to me ok

Ryder then picks up Chase and lies him down then Rocky talks to Ryder privately

Rocky: Why was Chase outside in the first place?

Ryder: I don’t know when I was taking him to the doctor he shouted (Chase) who is there? And who are you? 

Rocky: Weird he must of had a bad dream, I think he was looking for his tennis ball outside?

Ryder: Maybe....?

Skye: Do you want me to lay down with you?

Chase: Sure, who am I?

Skye: You’re Chase you’re part of the Paw Patrol we help people here in Adventure Bay and were your friends

Chase: You’re very nice and wonderfull

Skye: Thanks (thinks to herself) Does Chase have a crush on me? Is that what he thinks of me? Or is it because of the amnesia?

Skye: So Chase you don’t remember anything?

Chase: No I wish I knew all I remember is fog, what’s that vest thing that you’re wearing uh……

Zuma: Me? It’s Zuma and it’s called a uniform

Chase: Yes and??

Zuma: Oh it has equipment I use in the water everyone has one here you to dude

Chase: I have one? Wait I thought my name was Chase

Zuma: It's Chase, and yes you have one it’s a blue one

Chase: Really.....? A blue one? I hate the color blue

Rocky: I hope he gets back his memory, Chase’s uniform is uncomfortable and his hat is a bit big

Rocky copy

Rocky in chases uniform

Ryder: You know you don’t have to wear it now

Rocky: Oh.....

Chase: Hey you look like some kind of police pup

Marshall: I hope he gets his memory back. He owes me 3 pup treats!

Then everypup except Chase looks at him angrily

Marshall: Too soon....?

Rubble: Hey it looks like it’s clearing up

Rocky: You’re right the sun is coming out

Zuma: Let’s go play!

Dirge: Alright

Skye: I’ll stay here with Chase

Rocky: Let me go get this uniform out I’ll be there

The rest went outside playing with the Frisbee

Marshall: I got it I got it

The Frisbee fly’s all the way to the back where the incident happened behind some bushes

Marshall: There it is! Why are there footprints behind here? Must be a person who lost their way

Chase: Why does my paw hurt Skye … that’s your name right?

Skye: Yes and a piece of a slide fell on you, it had loose bolts

Chase: Oh

Then both Chase and Skye fell asleep with each other snuggling

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