Chase : Super Spy Chase Is On The Case. You Know It's Always Spected Spected!

(Chase falls and ride with Marshall on his back)

Marshall : Here You Go You Can Now.

(Chase scores a goal for team of Marshall and Skye)

Chase : Goal!

Team : All Right! 2-2

Ryder : Hey Pups.

Chase : Hi Ryder.

Ryder : Hey Chase

Chase : Where's My Surprise?

Ryder : In The Lookout. Let's Go.

(Ryder gave Chase his new Spy Drone)

Ryder : See this.

Chase : What is this is it my brand new Spy Drone?

Ryder : Yeah!

Chase : Oh Right!

Ryder : The First Step Is Look At This Red And Green Buttons. They Will Move Your Spy Drone.

Chase : Cool!

Ryder : The Second Step Is Look At The Decimal. This Would Help You To Look At The Sense Of The Diagram.

Chase : Nice!

Ryder : And Last. The Spy Objects Will Got This.

Chase : Can I Try?

Ryder : Sure.

Chase : Yahoo!

Chase : I Spy The Pups Playing Soccer.

(The Pups Don't Know The Drone Of Chase Is Buzzing)

Pups : What's That?

Chase : Ha!

Pups : Chase and His Spy Drone I Know.

Chase : How Turn Back The Drone Back?

Ryder : Just Mix All The Buttons.

Chase : I Did It!

Marshall : You Can't Outrun Me.

(Scene Changer : Chase's Badge)

Marshall : Water Cannon! Arf!

Chase : Oh oh my Drone Lost The Connection Because Marshall. How To Get This Back?

Ryder : 2 Green and 1 Red.

(Chase Did It!)

(The End)

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