It was a sunny day in adventure bay not a cloud in the sky... But it wasn't any ordinary day it was the day the paw patrols relations came to visit like Rocky's sister, Tania, or Skye's twin brother Sam. But it was a hard day for Chase sure he had his mom, dad and little sisters but there was one relative he wanted that he new could never make it.

Chase's Mom: Hey

Sam: Skye W Skye: Sam it's great to see you

Sam: You too

Tania: Hey Rocky I missed you

Rocky: I missed you too (hugs her)

Ryder: My mom and dad should be coming tomorrow

Chase: Hey Ire

Ire: Hey big bro

Chase: I'll be in the lookout

Chase's dad: (sigh)

Ryder: Why is he always so sad this time of the year

Chase's mom: Ryder there's something we need to tell you

Ryder: Okay let's go into the lookout

In the lookout...

Chase's mom: When Chase was born he had a brother who was about his age when he was born, Tommy, from that day forward they became best friends... One day Tommy went to an island and went missing he was never found Chase was heart-broken

Chase's dad: And he still is

Ryder: Poor pup

The next day...

Tania: Look Ryder your mom and dad are here

Zuma: Come on Dylan

Dylan: Coming little bro

Ryder's mom: Ryder we'd like you to meet some one

Chase comes out...

A grown up German Shepherd who looked like Chase hopped out of the car and Chase eyes widened and his mouth dropped it was Tommy

Tommy: Hey little brother



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