The next day chase called Zuma again

Zuma: look dude who do you like better

Chase: I don't know that was the whole point in calling you

Zuma: I don't even know Hazel so how am I so post to juge them

Chase: I don't know hotness?

Zuma: dude Skye's like my sister and to me Hazel looks pretty hot

Princess: what did you say?!?!?

Zuma: Uhh nothing got to go Chase

Chase: Wait Zuma-

Zuma: *Hangs up*

Chase: ugghh what now?

Skye: Hey Chase who you talking to?

Chase: Just Zuma he missed me

They here a knock at the door and Chase answers it its Hazel

Hazel: Hey Chase

Chase: Hey Hazel *oh great, this is just great*

Skye: Chase who is this?

Hazel: Oh is this your girlfriend

Chase: No no

Hazel: Whatever come on we found something

Chase: what?

Hazel: A arm but it has a knife in it

Skye: Ewwww how do you stand this stuff

Hazel: All in a days work now come on Chase

The two German shepherds ran off together and Skye stead in the hotel room alone

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