Charlotte is a Pabbit.

Fanon AppearancesEdit


Charlotte is a hybrid creature called a Pabbit (see Appearance). Her dad is an eagle, who had a parrot as one of his ancestors, and her mother was a rabbit. When she was a baby, her mother was taken away by poachers. Chief, her father, couldn't let go of his hate and filled his heart with cold darkness.

She's was a spy from Eastern Harmonia, sent to find and capture the two-legged that wandered into Harmonia. She discovered that Milli was the two-legged and kidnapped her. Sweetheart saved Skye from Charlotte's clutches, but Charlotte manage to get away with Milli.

In Pups and the Harmonia Rescue, she became part of the Rogues, mostly because her father is the leader. Charlotte lead Brown Nose, Billson, and Grudgy on a task for the Rogues' plan to seize the throne. She kidnapped Geo, while the clueless henchmen unintentionally distracted the others. Charlotte was to make sure that Geo doesn't escape and stays alive.

Later, she is shocked by the fact that Geo shared something with her, felt not very scared when he's around her, and he even called her a friend. She started to finally see that not all two-leggeds are bad. She soon went against her father and quitted the Rogues.


Charlotte is a Pabbit; that means she's half parrot and half rabbit. She has the wings of a parrot and the body of a rabbit. Her wings resemble a scarlett macaw. She also has back feet of an eagle. She is a white rabbit with brown marks on her ears, left ear, and front paws.

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