Cedar is created and owned by FunnyPup101 (me)


Cedar is black, but has gray front legs and a gray tummy. His neck is white and he has a marking on his head, which is white also. His inside ears are pink. His nose is red. Cedars eyes are green.


Cedar wears a yellow collar. His pup tag background is yellow, the lines are green and his pup tag symbol is an axe. He wears a long sleeve pup shirt with a saw strapped to it. He has a gray and yellow construction hat and wears four booties. His pup pack is yellow and gray. His the booties are also yellow and gray. His pup shirt is all gray.


Cedar is a very hardworking pup. He really gets the job done. When he is hanging out with the other pups, he is fun loving, and sharing. His breed really stands out when Ryder shouts "No job is too big, no pup is too small!" Because Cedars breed is the smallest and he has a very big job. But everyone loves him no matter what. Though he was born in a box on the street, and everyone made fun of him in the alleys because of how small he was, he is still love able. When he came in to the paw patrol and told everyone his life story, they thought he was aggressive. But he wasn't, they figured that out soon. Everyone loves Cedar and Cedar loves them, but most of all, he has a crush on Priscilla.


His pup pack carries an axe, different types of saws, and lumber.


Cedars pup house turns into a lumber truck that carries wood and big saws and the truck has a tree cutter.

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