Cecil is a first gen person and a very mean person. She is created and owned by PrincessHyperSkippy.

Personality Edit

Cecil He is mean. He bully's everyone. He doesn't care for anyone but him self. He loves to cause trouble. He is a escape artist and can escape from almost any jail possible.

Bio Edit

His live was always evil. He robs banks and stole cars. He also threw Angelina's twin bother and her parents in a fast current river. To this day he is trying to get Angelina and Dina. He almost got Dina tho ..the paw patrol saved her. Sp now..he hates the Paw Patrol and do anything so he can do wants he wants with out getting into trouble.

Appearance Edit

He is a light skin man with big muscle man. He has red hair that kinda sticks up. He wears a spike dog collar. He has green eye's.

Trivia Edit

Cecil is Dina's Ex boy friend

Stories they in Edit

Pups Save Dina

Angelina's Ballet Recital Problems

Dina gets Arrested   

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