these kittens belong to Sarah the FBI pup, and exist in her main universe

kittens Edit

It took Jasper a while to get Cali's approval to date her. After a while of dating, Jasper and Cali finally marry. They end up having four kittens; Jamie, Casper, JJ, and Lito.

Info Edit

Casper: He's the adventurous one of the group. He may be the smallest, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in courage. He is always doing crazy things and gives his parents a run for their fish.

Jamie: She is very cocky, but lovable. She's a trouble maker through and through, but shes also very sweet and understanding.

JJ: He is very quiet and likes to sit by himself. He is extremely shy, and it takes a lot for him to talk to new pups and people. He is a mommies boy and prefers to hang around his mom.

Lito: Lito is very lazy and laidback. He would rather sleep then play, and eat then basically do anything.

appearance Edit

Casper: He looks like his father, a siamese coloring. But he has grey rings around his tail. His eyes are saphire blue.

Jamie: She looks exactly like her mother.

JJ: He is a black kitty, with a darker coloring on his face and muzzle. His paws are a creamy white, and his tail tip is grey.

Lito: he has his father's coloring, but looks a little bit more like Cali in build.

Family Edit

Jasper: Father

Cali: mother

Trivia Edit

  • Casper is named after the children's story
  • Jamie is named after my very best friend
  • Lito loves chocolate

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