Caruso he is a first gen pup and he was adopted from aruychase by his old name Vivaldi

Personality Edit

He is freindly. He loves to play music for other pup and people.  He is very clam tho when when he gets on the stage he goes crazy up there.

Appearance Edit

He is a Jack Russel and  Pomeranian mix. He has very soft fur. The tail is very long and very soft . His ears are floppy and has tuff on his head. The ears, tuft, eyes back, tail and back of the back legs are light orange. He has one eye brown and one blue

Bio Edit

(comming soon)

Family Edit

Mother:  Aaralyn (thanks for the name Crescenttheminingpup ) (dead)

Father: Kenith (thanks to Shining Fox 1 for the name) (dead)

Cousin: Pawmer (dead)

Cousin: Angelina (alive)

Job Edit

He's got two jobs one he is a famous music musician and a Music instructor with Coppa.

Stories he's in Edit

Fears Edit

Trivia Edit

He has a crush on Milkshake

Gallery Edit

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