Capricorn was designed for me by Crecenttherangerpup98, Most of the information was also written by him

Appearance Edit

His face is slightly deformed causing him to be unable to open his right eye. He always has a mean face due to this deformation. His legs muscles are marked giving him a strong appearance. Has floppy ears and a brown fur coat with a white muzzle and paws. His back is black as well as his tail. His collar is blue and has a small silver book as tag.

Personality Edit

Though his appearance may scare you off at first Capricorn is a very sweet and kindhearted pup. He is a bit of a laze and when he isn't reading or writing he will usually be sleeping around where he can make himself a comfortable.

Trivia Edit

Random Edit

  • Hes close friend with Orion since they live together
  • He looks highly up to Zeus
  • He, Orion and His owners live in a Beach House
  • He is Bisexual, preferring male

Crush Edit

Stories Edit

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