This is Candle, Marshall's younger cousin designed by wittlefuzzypuppehs, hes brothers to Spitfire and loves his older sis. He is also Trainee to Jazzmine

Personality Edit

He takes a lot after his older cousin. He is very happy and silly, also taking his cousins clumsiness. Some pups may even say that he is clumsier than his cousin. Hes very loyal and brave and when hes helping out the Paw Patrol and when he's 'in the zone' almost nothing can get him out of it.

Appearance Edit

He is a regular dalmatian just like Marshall most of his spots are on his back, face (like freckles) and on his ears. He does have a few on his back thighs and three on his left front paw.

Bio Edit


Trivia Edit

Pup Pack Edit

  • Matches
  • Lighters
  • Sticks
  • Flamethrower

Vehicle Edit


Catchprases Edit

  • "You can blame the flame"
  • "Dont Mishandle the Candle"
  • "Lets Turn up the Heat" (Tundra)

Family Edit

Random Edit

  • He has Heterochima meaning he has 2 different colored eyes
  • He lives with Jacob
  • Hes good friends with Astropup and Twister
  • He and Grace used to be great friends (he had a small crush on her to) but After he made a mistake and they got into a fight the twos frienship Crumbled.

Crush Edit

After meeting Tana under a tree he became really good friends with her, Later he relized how close they where and starting having feelings for the Cock-a-poo.

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