Campbell and Cameron are Madison's best friends and adopted Marshall when he was sent to the pound. They are twins but Campbell is older by 2 minutes. They are Marshall's step owners and love to take care of the Paw Patrol, when Ryder is gone. Cameron runs the missions for Ryder when he is gone and Campbell takes care of the pups and keeps an eye on them. However, Katie hates Cameron because her and Ryder love each other but Katie also love's Ryder.


Cameron wears a dark blue jacket and jeans with some tennis shoes. Her hair is short and blonde. Campbell is more fancy,  but not in a bratty way, she wears a sparkling purple dress with a purple headband with white boots. She has long blonde hair.


Campbell is a girly girl who loves to have fun. She is always eager to play with the pups. She races Zuma with her speedboat, plays pup pup boogie with Skye, plays soccer with Chase, Cooks for Rubble, plays in the pup park with Rocky, and plays jump rope with Marshall. But her favorite thing to do with them is cuddle. Cameron is a little boy ish and runs missions with or for Ryder. She is not afraid of a fight, and she taunts Katie to make her more jealous, which she will find out is not a good idea.

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