Call of duty: Advanced Puppy Warfare is a Fanon Crossover Game adaptation of the Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

About Edit


Join the Paw Patrol and their Friends to fight across the world along with the Advanced Tech and Warfare.  

Features Edit

  • In- Depth Campaign
  • Cross-Faction Multiplayer
  • Fanon Scenarios
  • Upgraded Weapons and Scorestreaks


  • Mer-Pup's Arena= Ascend
  • Captain Turbot's Laboratory= Bio Lab
  • Adventure Bay Residential area= Comeback
  • Adventure Beach= Defender
  • Downtown Barkingburg= Detroit
  • High Rise Condominium= Greenband
  • Mission Paw HQ= Horizon
  • Monkey Queen Jungle= Instinct
  • Volcano Island= Recovery
  • Sea Patrol HQ= Retreat
  • Cazathan State Prison= Riot
  • Rooftops of Iskariba= Solar
  • Sea Patrol Training Grounds= Terrace

Achievements Edit

  • A Story Unfolds= Complete campaign on Any Difficulty
  • Aggressive Tensures= Complete Campaign on Hard difficulty
  • Earl's Master Degree= Complete the Campaign on Veteran Difficulty
  • Pup tag Collector= Earn all trophies in the Advanced Warfare
  • Skye's Master User= Boost jump, dash forward, then air stomp on an enemy.
  • Saved From Danger= Evade 20 grenades using your Exo
  • Tracker's big Ear= Kill 10 enemies or Drones under effect of Sonic blasts
  • Slow and steady= Kill 50 enemies under Overdrive effect
  • TechBoom= Kill 4 Enemies using a single smart Grenade
  • Spotted!= Spot 10 enemies using a threat Grenade
  • Drone's out!= Use an EMP Grenade to eliminate 25 Drones
  • A file for the Pup Pad- Collect all Intel
  • Pup Pack Upgrade= Complete all Exo Upgrades
  • Paw Patrol's Campaign start= Complete "Induction"
  • Welcome to Adventure Bay= Complete "Atlas"
  • Chase's Traffic Direction= Complete "Traffic"
  • Rocky's Precious Power Plant= Complete "Fission"
  • ATV Ride= Complete "Aftermath"
  • God of Death=Complete "Manhunt"
  • Just like Humdinger= Complete "Utopia"
  • Ryder and Zuma: Master and Guardian= Complete "Sentinel"
  • Everest's Manticore= Complete "Crash"
  • Tracker's Success= Complete "Bio Lab"
  • Adventure Bay Bridge= Complete "Collapse"
  • Zuma's Lifeguardian= Complete "Armada"
  • Skye and Gideon= Complete "Throttle"
  • Rubble's Jailbreak= Complete "Captured"
  • The Paw Patrol's Final Assault= Complete "Terminus"

Specific Achievements Edit

  • Ryder=
  • Marshall
  • Chase
  • Rocky
  • Zuma
  • Skye
  • Everest
  • Tracker
  • Rubble
  • Earl of Barkingburg
  • Capn Turbot
  • Sweetie

Fanon Scenarios Edit

Scenario: EPISODES Edit

The Paw patrol is now aiding to work with ATLAS as they take down Sentinel.

Maps Edit

  • Pups save the Mer-Pups= Ascend(Domination)
  • Sea Patrol: Massive Rescue!= Defender(Capture the Flag)
  • Pups save Walinda= Solar(Momentum)
  • Pups save Apollo= Retreat(CTF)
  • Pups Jungle Trouble= Instinct(Domination)
  • Pups Save Skye= Horizon(Search and Rescue)
  • Pups save the Frozen Flounder= Horizon(Hardpoint)
  • Pups save the Narwhal- Bio Lab(Hardpoint)

Scenario: Pups save the Royal Throne Edit

The Paw Patrol are enjoying a day. and by time Problem rises when Sweetie takes the Royal Throne. and now aided with her Subjects. the Paw Patrol must stop her before she conquered the World.

Maps Edit

  • Comeback(Uplink)/Atlas=King of the Castle
  • Horizon(Domination)/Atlas=Sweetie's Infiltration
  • Terrace(CTF)/Sentinel= Mission PAW Air over!
  • Instinct(CTF)/Sentinel=Mission Paw Jungle OPS
  • Bio-Lab(CTF)/Sentinel=Mission Paw's Final Battle
  • Detroit(Domination)/Both=The Last Stand

Scenario:Signature Maps/ Capture the Flag Edit

The Paw Patrol was trained in a capture the Flag under Atlas' supervision. and must be won

Maps Edit

  1. Ryder=Horizon
  2. Chase=Riot
  3. Marshall=Recovery
  4. Skye=Greenband
  5. Rocky=Solar
  6. Rubble=Detroit
  7. Zuma=Defender
  8. Everest=Bio Lab
  9. Tracker=Instinct
  10. Cap'n Turbot/ Operative= Retreat
  11. Paw Patrol=Ascend

Scenario: Pups Save Puplantis Edit

mama Mer-pup, Baby Mer-pup,Sid and Aarby must fight against the Paw Patrol to take the Pearl of Puplantis to their hands/paws to make the magic come alive


  • Game mode: Uplink
  • Objectives:
    • Domination: Find Intel where the Pearl of Pup-Lantis Hides
    • Uplink- Grab the Pearl at any costs
    • Free For All- Eliminate Everyone and get the Pearl
  • Teams:
    • Atlas: Mama Mer-Pup, Baby Mer-Pup, Sid, Arrby- 4 or 5
    • Sentinel-Paw patrol 6 or 7

Maps Edit

  • Bio-Lab (Domination)
  • Ascend
  • Defender
  • Recovery
  • Terrace
  • Solar(Free For All)

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