Note Edit

Liosachs new mate. His pups  with everest are now his pups with her. She is the weather pup for the team. She belongs to HirePup&Collachdude!

Bio Edit

Caledonia is an outgoing and kind puppy. She has a crush on Liosach and enjoys anything magic connected. She is a book worm and spends a lot of her time reading. She is possibly the fastest of all the pups. As her name suggests, she was brought up in Scotland. 

apearance Edit

Caledonia is a Orange-ish shiba inu. She has red pads for an unknown reason. She has to white socks on her front paws and white face markings. She has 3 spots beside her face markings. Her collar is red and her pup tag has lightning, the sun in the left corner, a cloud in the right and a rainbow behind the lighting.

When she has her uniform on, she were no hat, surprisingly. Her uniform is red.

History Edit


known family Edit


Emmie, Emi, Dot, Spot, Cook, Nevist and snowball- kids 

Collach- brother by marriage 

Triva Edit

Vehicale Edit


catchphrases Edit

"Rain or sun, lets have some fun!" 

"Caledonias the name, and weather the game!"

tag  Edit

Random Triva Edit

  • I came up with the idea of her once I heard the song Caledonia on the radio. 
  • Her personality is based of Twilght Sparkle from My little pony 
  • When I first designed her, her name was madi and she was going to be second gen and be Cook's mate, but bi changed that.

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Lines from storys needed 

Gallery Edit

Coming soon!

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