Appearance Edit

Cake is a light brown Mix-breed and Has white ears. She has a brown Circle around her right eye and has two different Colored eyes, in her right is Blue and in left is Magenta. She has a Striped collar With Blue and Magenta.

Personality Edit

She is a Happy and Playful dog and she's a little bit of a tomboy. She loves to hangout with the Pups but mostly hangs out with Marshall and Rocky. She hangs out with Marshall because she want's to get rid of some of the Clumsiness and She hangs out with Rocky because She want's him to face his fear of water and Mostly because she's his little sister. She gets Irritated by Alex because he annoys her a lot. Sometimes when she's angry she goes alone somewhere where she can be calm and Breathe.

Bio Edit

Coming Soon~

Stories she Appears in Edit

By Me: Edit

None yet~

Collabs: Edit

None yet~

By Others: Edit

None yet~

Trivia Edit

Voice Actors :

Young Cake : Neve Campbell- Voice of Kiara in the Lion king 2

Teen Cake : Moira Kelly-Voice of Nala in the Lion King.

  • She is a Super Hero
  • She doesn't have a Crush yet.
  • Her Favorite Color is Magenta

Catchphrases Edit

  • When you have a problem, just yelp for help
  • Super cake too the Rescue!
  • Super Cake is Here to save the Day!

Gallery Edit

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