This is one of the songs from Pups in the Magical World. It's a song performed by Cream and Charmy.


Cream: In this forest

I feel something new

Charmy: I do too

And it's all for you

Rainbow Dash: Ugh! That's gross!

Charmy: Close your muzzle! This is our song! Not yours!

Cream: A Bunny

Charmy: And a Bee

Both: It may seem really strange

But I find you in my range

Penelope: I've been told that I have a range!

(She was about to sing, but Scootaloo covers her mouth)

Scootaloo: Stop! There's no time for two songs!

Cream: I have fur

Charmy: I have scales

Both: But our outsides make us tough as nails

Charmy: I have antennae and a stinger

Cream: I have long ears and it's no lie

Both: But we can both fly very high

(They demonstrate how they fly)

Skye: I proved that pups can fly and now she proves that bunnies can fly.

Marshall: Shh! I want to hear.

Cream: A Bunny

Charmy: And a Bee

Both: It may seem crazy

But when I see you

I never feel lazy

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