Buddy is the mate of Goldie.

History Edit

Buddy was born in a very welcoming family.Everyday,new animals kept coming in the perfectly white house(literly,wierdly!).He had 2 younger siblings,Fire and Spot.One day,the landlord told his people they had to get rid of some of the animals.Sensing that he wasn't the real one,he attacked him and he was soon arrested.The fake landlord eventully got out of jail and kidnapped Buddy and his siblings,leaving them on the streets to die.

After losing his siblings(not by death),he started living on his own near Mr.Porters where the food is.One day,it caught fire and he was there to help.Ryder saw him and welcomed him to the Paw Patrol.After a few months,he met Goldie and immeditly fell in love with her.

Even though he gets along with animals very well,Dylan and Golden have a MAJOR hate for Buddy.

Personality Edit

He is a happy and bubbly pup.He loves the outdoors.He usally sleeps outside instead his pup-house.

Apperance Edit

He is a brown bloodhound.He has black on the tip of his paws,tail,ears and around his eyes.He has a brown collar and a tag with a lime background and white bone.

Vehicle/Pup-Pack Edit

Vehicle:A brown truck with that can turn into a submarine,boat and helicopter.


+A few baggies


+Fingerprint kit


+scuba gear(optional)

+Rubber snakes and spiders(for scaring Dylan and Golden when he is on a mission with them,Goldie or all.)

Family Edit




Honey-sister-in-law/best girl friend



more to come


Fears Edit

None until he met Goldie's brothers.

Trivia Edit

+Buddy wasn't meant to be a bloodhound

+His best friend is Sparky

+He was meant to like Honey

+He wasn't meant to have siblings

+He wasn't meant to be a Search and Rescue dog

+He's almost like Deputy sniffer from the Buddies series

Gallery Edit

(more to come/feel free to add)

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