Bubbles belongs to both Sarah the FBI pup and Vixiedog

Info Edit

Bubbles is Zuma's younger sister. She is very sweet and loves to play. She is always one to help others when they need it.

Family Edit

Sarah's main universe Edit

Zuma: brother

Sarah the FBI pup: sister-in-law

Simon: nephew

Cinnamon: niece

Star(Sarah): niece

vixie's main universe Edit

Zuma: brother

Trail: sister-in-law

Sarah's second universe Edit

Zuma: brother

Skye: sister-in-law

DJ: nephew

Lola: niece

Fiona: niece

Appearance Edit

Bubbles is a light chocolate brown color with blue eyes and a pink and white collar.

Trivia Edit

  • Bubbles has no crush right now
  • Bubbles loves flowers.

Fears Edit

She is afraid of Horses

Stories she appears in Edit

Gallery Edit

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