Chapter 1. Mission Breathing

Narrator: Ryder was breathing his the Paw Potral on the emergency.

Ryder: Okay pups here's the emergency, a bridge near by is going starting to go down agent Ryans men are already there starting to evacuate them, but they need help. I need Chase to use your cones to create a rode block to stop anymore cars from crossing and Zuma to be standing by under the bridge incase it breaks with people on it.

Chase: Chase is on the case!

Zuma: Lets dive in!

Ryder: Good Paw Potral is on a role!

Narrator: 30 mins later they arrive at the bridge to see Ryan and three of his agents telling people to get off the bridge asap.

Ryan: Get off the bridge asap it's going down!

Ryder: Hey Ryan whats are status on the bridge?

Ryan: We have the evacuation undergoing but we it to go faster.

Ryder: Okay Chase your up put rode blocks on both sides of the bridge.

Chase: Okay Ryder already on it.

Ryan: Okay Cade, Tyler go with Chase to secure the other side of the bridge Daniel your with me.

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