Victoria's mom and dad.


  • Brian: Brian is a dark grey/black Labrador retriever. He has very smooth fur, baby blue eyes, and he also wears a brown collar with a golden tag.
  • Quezee: Quezee is a golden Labrador retriever with violet red highlights around the edge of her ears and head. She also has violet red eyes and she wears a black collar with a golden tag.


  • Brian: Brian is a gentle giant and loves to mingle with other pups and people. He also has a tendency to be overprotective of his wife and daughter.
  • Quezee: Quezee is very loving, kind, and is always looking for a great time. She loves to be there for Victoria whenever she's having boy problems or someone to talk to.

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  • Like Samantha and Zane , they lived in Crescent Bay up until they moved to California almost a year later.
  • I named them after my mom and dad in real life~ ^^
  • When they first me Danny, Quezee loved him to bits. but Brian kept a very close eye on him to make sure he doesn't break his little girl's heart and to also make sure he's not some sly dog.
  • Later on in the future after Danny and Victoria got married, and had their pups Brian lightens up a bit and warms up to Danny.
  • They love their grandpups to bits and would visit them every chance they get. Quezee has a very close bond with Tori and Tera and they usually gossip or talk about their boyfriends, and Brian loves to play with his grandsons, and he occasionally helps DJ and BJ on how to control their anger.
  • Brian is a bit of a chatterbox and doesn't know when to stop sometimes. (this is usually my dad sometimes XD)


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