Bonnie Lou is created and owned by me, FunnyPup101.


Bonnie Lou is all black. She has icy blue eyes. She is a pitt bull mix. Her ears are curled over.



Bonnie Lou wears an aqua blue collar with a flower on it. She is a nature pup. Her pup shirt is blue and purple. Her pup pack a lighter version of blue and purple. She wears a gardening hat with a blue flower on it.



She is very kind hearted and loving to nature. If she would see a dying plant of wildlife she would call Ryder immediately to try to save it. She would do,anything for her boyfriend, Jade. They have so much in common, because Bonnie Lou takes care of nature, and so does Jade. (Jade is a farmer and I created and own him also.) Bonnie Lou pretty much takes care off Jade, because he can be ignorant sometimes.



Bonnie Lou has gardening tools, a water hose, and seeds.



Bonnie Lou's pup house turns into a ATV. It can drive around land and doesn't mess up the ground or harm nature. It can spray water and dig and everything you need to garden.



Ryder found Bonnie Lou in the woods and brought her to the lookout. He asked her something in front of the pups, "Would you like to be part of the paw patrol?" Ryder was holding a pup tag with a flower on it. "Yes, yes!" She said. "We have to change your name." Bonnie Lou's family was mean and named her Stupid Rat. Ryder changed it to Bonnie Lou. Everyone agreed to let her been in the rescue. Ryder put the collar on her.

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