Bongo is a Husky/German shepherd/Jack Russel and the official crush for Scout. He was based off of my veeerrryy old fursona.


Very upbeat and usually happy, Bongo loved exploring the woods and met Scout when she was going off on her own with Snipe. A bit confused with the little compy sitting on her back, Bongo asked about it, and instantly fell in love. Bongo, being a war pup, was usually in Afghanastan helping the wounded soldiers, but was let off after his owner was killed and after his back leg was ampuated. He doesn't talk about his past much, pretty quiet about it, but when you ask, he quickly changes the subject.


Born to a mother and a deceased father in a puppy mill, Bongo was quickly rescued by a man who took him to his two-story house in Adventure Bay. A few years later, war struck and he and the man were needed out in war. It was pretty tough, but Bongo became the best rescue dog for the soldiers. Everyone loved him, that is, until his owner was killed by a bomb and his leg needed to be ampuated. The soldiers were extremley sad to see him go, but he learned to go on his way, even though the soldiers were very upset about the vet's words of him never being able to return to war. Just two months after, he met Scout in the woods and lived a happy life with her. After he proposed to her, their wedding was scheduled to be two days after the bridal shower and bachlor parties. But the night before, someone shot and killed him, leaving his mate devastated. 


Bongo is copper brown with cream colored markings on his face, tail, belly and paws. His ears are semi perked and he wears a green collar with a diamond shaped tag and has dark blue eyes.


  • He was based of of my (Chandlerscout) fursona for over 3 years
  • Scout was actually present for his funeral in a bridal gown, thus them getting married, even though he already passed away


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