These two dronies are Sunny's younger twin brother and sister.


Blue SkiesEdit

Blue Skies is the sister and older of the twins... by 4 seconds. She always carries her Ditto, Pinky, on her back.

She likes to tease her little twin brother for being younger because it makes him mad. But all other times, she is really serene and calm.

Minty GrassEdit

Minty Grass is the brother and younger of the twins.

He tends to try to act grown-up whenever his big twin sister teases him for being younger. He actually is really reckless, but quite energenic. But when his siblings and friends are in trouble, he doesn't just sit and do nothing. He is full of loyalty, but sometimes, he's not loyal to Blue Skies.


Blue SkiesEdit

Blue Skies' wings aren't magical like Sunny's. Instead, she has a surprising ability. She bonded with a Ditto, the Transform Pokemon, and gain the power of shapeshifting. She gave it the nickname Pinky.

Minty GrassEdit

Minty Grass uses his horns to headbutt others. However, he's not good at it and gets stuck easily.


Blue SkiesEdit

Blue Skies has a light blue coat with violet eyes and a serene blue hair with blue streaks. She has blue dragon wings with cloud spots from her dad and better flying abilities from her mother's side. However, her wings are smaller than her sisters.

Minty GrassEdit

Minty Grass has lime green hair with yellow streaks and purple eyes and mint-coat. He has two spring green dragon horns from his dad and never seems to use them well.


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