• Lightspeedthepup

    A year ago I started my stay in this Wikia, and the truth is that I do not regret having done it. Here I have spent great moments in the company of other users, who for me are more than just my friends, they are my family.

    This is a place where I have felt free to express myself freely without being judged.

    I want to thank you for all the support and company that you have given me, because being here I never feel alone.

    A year of stay means that I have learned a lot about this place, but above all from you, and even so, you have not been able to learn much from me, I do not comment much about my life in the real world and that seems a bit unfair on my part.

    That is why I have also decided that apart from celebrating my Wikiversary in this blog…

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  • BluePupBuddy

    H everyone.

    If you are a fan or admin of the wikia and like PAW Patrol or Tracker, I Need Your Help!

    I am doing some PAW Patrol research and I am trying to figure out if Tracker was a fan made character, or was a character created by Spinmaster. 

    If you have any info that can help me .... artwork, original dates, etc. .... please leave a link in a comment below. All help is appreciated.

    Note: please remember that all info must be dated before or in between October 16th 2015 and August 13th 2016.

    Also, no links to fsn art after August 13th 2016.

    This is not a joke. I am being serious. As always, any help is appreciated, and have a good day.

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  • Sonar553

    Is Anyone There...?

    November 14, 2017 by Sonar553

    This is probably not the best article for use but....

    Is there anyone still here in the wiki...?

    Man it died out.

    It is sad to see this happen.

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  • Doglover1234

    To be honest, a lot of us have big dreams. I know I do: voice-over acting, becoming an author, and having a decent life. I'm positive that my readers do too. But sometimes, life gets tough and you just want to give up; but you can't do that. You also can't let fear stand in your way. Story: I loved starring in pagents and plays and programs. I did it all the time without fear. Then one fateful weekend, I got sick just before a Christmas program at my church. Things were even worse because I had a solo! I tried to sing my part, but my voice cut out and I got choked up on my own saliva. I started to cry from complete and total embarrassment. For years after that I couldn't perform; I was too scared to. Only recently have I been attempting to…

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  • Venz412

    Back to regular Classes

    November 10, 2017 by Venz412

    Guys this is vicente laurel I will go back to regular Classes starting Nov. 13th. too bad i missed to be hanging out here. but I will try my best to keep touch.

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  • DodgerXRitaJackiexRyan

    Should i be a shame that i said i would start editing here but i didnt?

    i feel like a lier even tho i tried to be here the best i can and tryed to get in a paw patrol mood.

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  • Stupidhead1836

    I'm moving soon.

    November 7, 2017 by Stupidhead1836

    I've been getting ready to move to a new home. My family says it's going to be good, so I'm going to help them pack and get ready to move. In the meantime, I won't be on the wiki until my family's fully settled. That doesn't mean I'm leaving the wiki, I'll come back eventually, so don't be afraid to leave a comment on my pages.

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  • ReeceHW2003

    Bad News

    November 2, 2017 by ReeceHW2003

    Yo, dawgs. ReeceHW2003 here, and as y'all can tell by the title, I got some bad news fo' y'all. Tradgedy has struck, my uncle died last week and we gon' be goin' to his funeral tomorrow. I'm so pissed off from dis. He was a great man, he was my dawg.....and now he's gone. I probably ain't gon' be active in a 'lil while cos' get the idea

    ReeceHW2003 Out! :(

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  • Xavierthespecialvet

    Hey guys! Xavierthespecialvet here, aka Xav for short, and here I'd love to greet everyone a Happy Halloweeen!

    I hope everyone will be having a great time when all of your Halloween spirits will be boost up to this final day of October! Even though I haven't contributed much here in the wiki, I'm still here for the time being and be always part of the family. 

    Once again, Happy Halloween!!!


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  • DodgerXRitaJackiexRyan

    Yeah in a way  i havent been on this wikia much but i really am trying to fall in love with paw patrol agian im so sorry.

    I have been at school and lost touch with paw patrol and fell for other stuff like lion king and Wyngro oliver and company, andi mack thoses kind of stuff 

    but i think its all coming back after i drew some paw patrol stuff

    so yeah i think i will be here more often now.

    but not as often as i use to i need to find somewere deep down that i love paw patrol but it feel deep down in side of me that i nolonger can find it,i lost touch of it when  i took brake for lent and then lost it agian after my brake for Mexico.

    im so sorry for not be here but i am started to love paw patrol a little ,more agin

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  • Noah-Thepup


    October 24, 2017 by Noah-Thepup


    I just want to say I am back, and ready to finish up my character Eco. I wanted to post this block to ask for some help with my character? I am not the best artist and I do need a drawing of her, also I might need some help with created stories with her invoved. I hope to continue contributing here as well. Feel free to message me anytime if I can help anyone out too. 

    Thank you, 


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  • StarsGurl44

    I have Devient Art

    October 21, 2017 by StarsGurl44

    Hi guys it's me Stars and I have cool news!!!! I just go Devient Art this week and it would be nice you'd check it out. I mostly post my PAW Patrol art and stories on Deviant Art and I hope you have fun checking out my content. So far I have one story one Deviant Art and that is my Pups and an Evil Surprise story that I have posted on here, and I have some reference sheets!!!! I make pages for my OCs and I am free to chat so you can always just PM me! If you don't know how to PM someone all you do is go to my account. Click "Send a note", type your private message in the box  I hope you can check it out if you couldn't find the link I linked on the word "Account" then click the word here

    Till next time!!

    ♥Xoxo, StarsGurl44♥ (talk) 22:40, Oct…

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  • WolfCommander22

    I'm not an imposter

    October 20, 2017 by WolfCommander22

    Ok, so recently people have said i am FoxKid. Well, I'm not. So please stop accusing me.

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  • ReeceHW2003


    October 15, 2017 by ReeceHW2003

    Yo, dawgs. ReeceHW2003 here and I just wanna give y'all word dat after my long hiatus from dis Wiki, I am returning now. The reason as to why I ain't been here in a while is cos' I usually came here every weekend at my aunt's house usin' my aunt's computer, but I been banned from gon' there. (which I don't wanna talk bout) But luckily, I have a computer I can use now, so I'll possibly be a lil' more active. Though, Imma still be a lil' short on Robots are Magic episodes. Anyways, dat's it. Later.

    ReeceHW2003 Out!

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  • Venz412

    Almost Second Semester

    October 15, 2017 by Venz412

    hello guys this is Vicente laurel. my first semester is done and now i am enjoying my semestral break. and I will be on school for the whole day on Second Semester. 

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  • Stupidhead1836

    I'm making a brand new series featuring my OC's from Adventure Bay's Navy. The only problem is episode plots and ideas. I'd like for this to be a long-running series. If you have any ideas for episodes, please let me know in the comments.

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  • Sonar553

    Pursuit Through Reality

    October 9, 2017 by Sonar553

    Hello everyone, this is SuperSpyChase, if nobody knew. That's because I decided to change my name. SuperSpyChase just felt like a generic name where it seemes as if someone childish would fanboy over the show too excessively. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it felt like a generic name. Sorry.

    Anyways, the reason for this blog is because of how I forgot to tell people I have already made a plan to move on. I saw Mr. Word's blog post recently, and it is basically the same thing going on for me. Lately these days, I fall down academically and I need to keep pushing myself forward, but the difficulty I have in the specialized academic program I go to and my grades mahy be the difference to going to a good university so I can pers…

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  • Mr word

    Moving on.

    October 5, 2017 by Mr word

    NOTE BEFORE READING: I have enjoyed my time on here and I hope you guys understand, and I want you guys to know I still care about being here, but now is the time to move on.

    Well, here it is. The title of this blog suggests the decision I'm now going to make, and I know people are not going to be taking my decision lightly, but I've made up my mind and I'm not changing it either. I've now been on this wiki for over two years now, starting on the 11th of September, 2015 and I missed writing a Two Year Wikiversary blog. I don't mind that though, as this blog will probably sum up the entirety of what I've experienced.

    First of all, I've been happy to be here. I'm glad I have got to meet you guys, talk to you, have conversations and generically…

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  • Adam strickland

    Good News

    October 5, 2017 by Adam strickland

    I would like to say that I will start the Scooby doo crossovers

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  • Adam strickland

    The history of my work

    September 27, 2017 by Adam strickland

    It all started when I got bord and desited to make stories

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  • SistersShiraandSkye

    Crackship Options

    September 26, 2017 by SistersShiraandSkye

    This blog is made by SistersShiraandSkye

    Hi all I need help to figure out which crackship I would like to make I know the original 6 already have crackships but I wanted to make one for one but I’m having trouble with who I hope the people with crackships for the two pups won’t mind but I want a crackship for me.

    Hi guys I’m letting u no that the poll will be closed on the final day of September so if you haven’t casted a vote you still can on the last day of September will be the day the final decision on which crackship will b my official crackship for Shira

    For all who haven’t voted I’m sorry but the poll is now closed

    Hello all thanks for everyone who voted I no u all liked both crackship ideas an Shira being wit Chase seems to b popular b…

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  • DolphinIslandPawPatrol
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  • Adam strickland

    One thing I just only want to help the badges are great but I only want to help you all its nice I know

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  • Pinkpuppyprints

    make a splash

    September 20, 2017 by Pinkpuppyprints

    i been working so hard so i need to think hey i am kaykaykaydence or you can call me emilee kaydence is my pup she is so cute and i love the powerpuff girls so can i stay here and don't ask me to draw for you i can make you a gift sometimes if i leave kaykay will keep booboo save and if you ask her something she will say hello and she will get your request in no tme if you guys need help she is here to help you and i will get your request from her and can she be friends with your pups and i love to draw and color everyday of my life kaykay is so pretty and smart and she will be her best is show and do not ask me to draw or color fo you thank you and you can kaykay or my other pup but you have to ask me first

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  • DodgerXRitaJackiexRyan

    i have been so inative and i wana do something about it and fall is coming around the mountian.So yea here we go.


    ​2nd genoration only and it can only be halloween related or based in fall

    ​It all is in need of following the rules

    ​and tell me detail about the drawing dont just say can you draw me dasher or maxi.

    ​what you can say is can you draw me dasher and maxi playing with pumkins.

    ​If you read all the rules say pumkin puppy










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  • Ethan rocks


    September 16, 2017 by Ethan rocks

    Hang-ten's vehical is still under construction

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  • JDancer2017

    Hey,guys... i don't know hiw ti tell you this, but I am taking a 1 to 2 week vacatiin from wiki. You see, I got into an arguement Google+ user named Otha Bland (remember, he was Marvelgeek2995) about why he shouldn't do sockpuppets, and frankly... i just need some time ti clear off this fear in my head. Guess I'll see you guys in October. :(

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  • Adam strickland

    I Adam Strickland wold like to announce that I will begin to develop a live action paw patrol movie based off of the spin master cartoon for nick jr

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  • Adam strickland


    August 31, 2017 by Adam strickland

    I was born on augest 11 a day before paw patrol aired I'm 17

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  • Rockydoeswriting

    So, I will be starting school soon, and I've been really busy on stuff. So, days 7-10 on my "abandoned series" will be a bit delayed. No, I'm not deciding to do a hiatus on it, I'll still work on it, just that it Willa take a while to put up more "days" on it. I will soon put up days 7 and 8, possibly somewhere in the first week of September. Anyway, that is all I need to say before these long delays whenever school starts. At least I can start making rough drafts to continue this series.

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  • ReeceHW2003


    August 27, 2017 by ReeceHW2003

    Yo, ReeceHW2003 here. And I just wanna give y'all word dat after dat crap dat just happened on chat on another Wiki, Imma be leavin' dis Wiki! Cos' I'm sick and tired of gettin' hate on here. All I get is just hate and dem trolls harassin' me. And it really pisses me off. Especially bein' an underrated user on here. I ain't get nothin' but hate or spam on my pages, OCs, etc. so, as of right now Imma be gon' on a hiatus from dis Wiki 'til I'm chillaxed. Yeah, Imma still be viewin' pages and stuff like dat, but I ain't gon' be contributing or nothin' like dat. So, as deez be my last words, Imma be takin' a break from dis Wiki 'til I'm chillaxed outta dis stupidity. Peace out, y'all.

    ReeceHW2003 Out! :(

    UPDATE: Y'know what? Forget bout all dis.…

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  • Lightspeedthepup


    August 21, 2017 by Lightspeedthepup

     I come to give them a quick notice, And is that tomorrow I go to school. I know, I know, I do not have much to come back because I was on vacation, but they did not give me much free time at school. 

    Even so, this may be a greater benefit to me than a tragedy. 

    I have not had many updates in my stories because they are not ready to upload them yet. Several are already finished, but still in their original language, bone Spanish. 

    Some of them I have already translated, but I have not reviewed them. One of my friends always helps me with this, but because we were on vacation I had not seen it ... So far.   So, now that I go back to school, I may be able to get my stories up and ready. And this is a relief for me, I may have one less worry. 

    I …

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  • Crayolapaintingpup


    August 20, 2017 by Crayolapaintingpup

    holy dingo its been a long time

    so,, hi! im back! i need to change my user, because Crayola is now a dead/inactive OC. 

    wow i didnt have a lot to say


    ok welp, my new username will be: SplashTheFishingPup

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  • Crescenttherangerpup98

    Hey, it has been a while since i last made a blog post...or wrote a story in general. So well, I was checking my old stories and found an old collab i attempted doing when i first joined the wiki. It was a digimon crossover. It was a very long story and most of u probably didn't read it. Not that it matters since it was never finish. I thought for a while and maybe some of u might be interested in a reboot for it. 

    On a similar line of thought, I remembered that each year I opened a blog post in which I invited other users to offer OCs to make a small appearance in a special story. It would usually be posted a month before christmas or halloween. But after two failures in a row i simply thought I wouldnt make one this year. But i decided to…

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  • ThesePawsUpholdtheLaws

    Join wiki

    August 17, 2017 by ThesePawsUpholdtheLaws

    Hey anyone skilled in editing? Because the Puppy Dog Pals wiki could need some help...



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  • Ethan rocks

    story ideas

    August 16, 2017 by Ethan rocks
    • In one of the stories that I have read, I learned that Everest lost her parents to a blizzard( or at least find out a little bit about that side of the family)
    • How Icee's mom ran into Glacier or a little background of her
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  • DodgerXRitaJackiexRyan

    Last night me and my mom came back form the and I was in the guest room eating and watching tv until I heard my mom scream So her scream scared the heck out of me thinking that a mouse or she caught something on fire  but then she said graved the phone and there's a Bat so I was like WT***! I thought she said burglary but I heard the sound of the bat so I closed the door not knowing that my mom ran with my baby sis to my friends house in front of use. I broke through the window and almost feel on top of the dogs, I screamed and said some very colorful words.  I jumped the fence and yelled "Ronni (my friends mom)there's a d** bat in my house" and my mom was there to. We talked about what to do next then the dad graved the broom and went to …

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  • Animalpup

    16th Birthday today!!!!!

    August 14, 2017 by Animalpup

    Hey guys it's Animalpup and by the title you guys can assume it's my 16th birthday. Yep I'm 16 I still can't believe it. I have had a great day I worked at Zoo Crew and had dinner with my grandparents. My birthday trip was last weekend and I was on Mackinac Island and down in the lower peninsula of Michigan if y'all were wondering where I was.

    I will list my presents sometime later since I haven't got all of them.

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  • Icetiger101

    Art Contest!!!

    August 14, 2017 by Icetiger101

    Hey guys I decided to make a art Contest!! Rules: First, No cheating. Don't take other people's ideas. Plz don't copy or steal art as urs. The people u can draw are:

    1.Stinger 2.Terra 3.Benji

    U can make them. Also u can do writing to.


    1. First place gets a short story and a colored drawing of there character.

    2. Second gets a drawing inked and a short story.

    3. Gets a inked drawing.

    So go go go! :) Good luck!

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  • Icetiger101

    Off more often

    August 14, 2017 by Icetiger101

    Hey guys just here to tell u school is in 2 days, And won't have that much time for the wiki. So yeah. Bye

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  • DodgerXRitaJackiexRyan

    ok so i need some crushes for my ocs.

    Be awhere that you are problly gona be sharing a universe wtih some of my friends.

    .some ocs are either Gay,Lesbian or Straight.

    ok so here we go

    Luis Mendoza (A friend is real life so i might be picky)

    Ileen Maica

    The stray siblings = Skit (Gay) Kit,Lili Sandon,Roko and Como(baby)



    jarrette Sewell

    Aidia And Cashie


    Electric Weather: Fruitcake x Electra pups = Jellybean,Shortcake,Creamcake,Ileena,Able and lightstreck(bully).(shared with Chisel-on-way)

    Mountians of Cookies and Rocks: TashaxManual pups =ira,ballcom,leeluoa,bruos, Tasha the 2nd and Mj

    The Nicaraguaian life : EstrellaxDashers pups =Deigo(i want him to find a crush a little bit in the 3rd georation,but the cursh needs to be born fully in 2n…

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  • Rockydoeswriting

    So, this is my first time writing one of these, so I won't have much to say, for now.

    Anyway, I once had an account called "RockyandJW", but later on, I decided to start new. So I deactivate my old one and made this one, just to kind-of Start Fresh.(Although this is like 1 month old)

    Also, I was doing this fan-writing called "Abandoned", and it's a continuous series of how 2 pups joined the Paw Patrol, from being left by their parents.

    I already have Days 1-5 up already, and continue to put more up as I come up with more (I already written up to 14 days, just need to 'edit' them).

    Anyway, that is all I have right now!

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  • ReeceHW2003

    Yo, Reece here. And I just wanted to give y'all word dat as y'all can see by the title, I'm gon' be a lil' inactive deez days as I've been away since August 1st. The reason to dat is cos' I'm on a trip in the USA to hang out with my dad and I ain't got a computer I can use at the time. So I ain't gon' be as active fo' a while 'til I get home next week. However, I am pretty excited to be seein' my poppa again as I ain't seen him since summer of 2014. And so far I'm havin' a good time. Anyways, dat's it.

    - ReeceHW2003 Out

    UPDATE: I now have a computer here I can use at the time in the USA. So forget bout anythin' I said

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  • MidnightCollies

    Regarding my ocs

    August 8, 2017 by MidnightCollies

    Look guys, I'll admit I am a really bad oc owner, I'm especially bad to my main ocs because I can't for the life of me decide and settle on a design for them.

    The reason I'm like this is that I'm afraid of losing interest in the ocs and redesigning them is the only thing that really stops me from, well, abandoning or deleting them. If I don't connect with an oc anymore, it's really hard for me to go back to them and use them, despite how much they may be developed.

    And as most of you know, I've been back and forth with the PAW Patrol fandom, so me redesigning my PP ocs is me trying to find new motivation to use them.

    Mindy and Fletcher's designs are the ones most subject to change, I've redesigned Mindy a few times and just recently changed f…

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  • MidnightCollies

    Trying to clean up my profile so I'll just leave this here,,

    This is mainly to help me keep track of who's who in the shepherd family, just so I can keep track of all the members.



    • Child

    Brooke's Parents

    • Brooke
    • Unnamed Brother 1
    • Unnamed Sister
    • Unnamed Brother 2

    Chiefs Parents

    • Chief
    • Alastair

    Athlones parents

    • Athlone
    • Nollag
    • Unnamed sister 1
    • Unnamed sister 2

    Athlone and Brooke

    • Fletcher

    Chief and Brooke

    • Chase
    • Harper

    Nollag and unknown male

    • Junebug
    • Igloo

    Chiefs unnamed brother, unnamed female

    • Desmond

    Brooks unnamed brother 1, unnamed female

    • Cola

    Brooke's unnamed sister, unnamed male

    • Nita

    Athlone's unnamed sister 1, unnamed male

    • Elena

    Fletcher and Elsie

    • Crash, Camo, Blitz & Soda

    Chase and Skye

    • Ace, Lani & Sora

    Harper and Huck

    • Bat, Turbo, Gunner & Mouse

    Igloo and Wess

    • Isaac…

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  • Ethan rocks


    August 8, 2017 by Ethan rocks

    June 15, 2017


    last night i had a dream that there was a dog whose name was "Hang-ten". He had Rocky's face(meaning the gray patch over his eye), his ears were like Skye's, he had a gold tint in his fur like Chase, black spots like Marshell,he had Rubble's body, and his tail was like Zuma's.He was about the same age as Rocky but Rocky was older by a few months, his previous owner had abused him,the owner befor that  died in a car crash, but when he was just a few weeks old he some managed to get on a surf board and surf a wave. Can't remember how he met Ryder but something happened during a rescue and now he never leaves Ryder's side. Basicly your Secial Forces pup.His drawing of his house is not done yet.

    Rubber Duck

    i just had a drea…

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  • Aviivix

    Avi's Author Corner

    August 5, 2017 by Aviivix

    Welcome to Avi's Author Corner! (AAC) This is a way for authors to expand their writing techniques and styles by submitting their works for proofreading and discussion. This is meant to help you, and critique is there to aid in improving your work.

    At the Author Corner, there are two main services. These services all are there to help you improve and help your writing reach its fullest potential.

    This is the most basic service. All that will be done is a proofread for spelling, grammar and vocabulary. Brief explanation will be given, but this is mostly a second check to make sure your story is properly readable before posting.

    Critique is a more advanced, in-depth service. This will go in detail about pacing, story flow, imagery, and other wr…

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  • DodgerXRitaJackiexRyan

    i am now gona change my user name to DodgerxRitaJackiexRyan due to i love Oliver and Company its all over my DA page even my icon and jackie and Ryan are my two ocs for it

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  • Chisel's-on-the-way

    I'm nervous

    August 4, 2017 by Chisel's-on-the-way

    So guys. My mom had my little sister last night and her name is Malia. And I'm super nervous. My mom and her won't be back until my first day of school. I can't text Mom what's happening. And I don't feel like talking to my dad. He scares the heck out of me. And now he's saying to my big sister not to tell us anything. I'm very scared and I'll crying now. I need some encouragement. And comfort. And more I need to stop writing because I can't see anything through my tears

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  • Ethan rocks
    • How am i supposed to live without you
    • I hate myself for loving you

    songs for Tundra to sing to Rocky

    • You will catch me when ever i fall

    Songs with other pups in it

    • Wade in the water sung by: Rocky-bass, Chase-tenor, Zuma-baritone, Skye-alto,Princess&Tundra-soprano
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