• JDancer2017

    I have decided to change who I am and make from a good person (or user) and go for one of the best. But i am not going to rush through this as I am going to take my time and finish what I need.

    I also updated the stories panel on my page which labels which stories are canon in my series. I'm also doing an upcoming story which is called, 'Pinkie Pi' the plot is Pinkie joins the Adventure Bay Math Team and has the coach the other players to save Adventure Bay's reputation. Some may get the joke of the name.

    like the title pf the blog? Good, it's a Daivd Bowie reference XD

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    Goodbye forever

    July 15, 2017 by USS HERO

    hello everyone. this will be my last blog for this wiki. cause I'm leaving.... no one takes me seriously and lot of people bullied me, not mentioning any names, as you all know skippy got blocked for infinite. we went to the staff BertH he said we should move on from this wiki. and that what we doing. we just trying to help the community. this wiki has so many trolls on here even the staff see them. what I'm trying to say is. I'm taking everything that are mine and skippy with me. i'll be trying to move them soon. but I don't want any drama, if you all need me you can get me on my wiki, just don't start a fight. I already been threaten to leave this wiki. so guess what. you happy now? I'm leaving and can stay out of the admins way. most of …

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  • MacBarrPup

    Hi.  Just in case everyone was wondering, I'm not on deviantArt and never will be.  Also, I am not on any other sites, but I hope one day I'll find one I can join.

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  • Stars-Fan-44

    Hello PAW Patrol Wiki Users (I Am No Admin But) I Decided To Make A News Paper About My Page And Stuff. I Have A New Line Of OCS Coming DONT USE MY OCS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION

    Have A PAW-fict Day!

    Also Have A Picture Of My OCS

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  • SaiyaSasuskia

    Found something

    July 10, 2017 by SaiyaSasuskia

    Here's the link to my PAW Patrol fanon discord server: I made this a year or two ago... could be used for fandom ideas, I dunno.

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  • ReeceHW2003

    I Got A New Game!

    July 7, 2017 by ReeceHW2003

    Yo, dawgs! ReeceHW2003 here and I'm makin' dis blog cos' I'm so excited! The reason to dat is cos' yesterday I went to Walmart and got a new video game that I's always wanted, which is Tomodachi Life for the Nintendo 3DS! And I'm so excited dat I's finally got dis game! Also, if y'all are wonderin' how I feel bout dis game, I'm enjoyin' the game so far. Ain't dat off da chain?! Anyways, dat's all I gotta say. Peace out, y'all.  ReeceHW2003 Out!

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  • DJ.RJ.Centurion

    Welp, title says it all. Writing this after just waking up.

    I should have made this yesterday, but I was busy. Wow, it's been an eventful year, hasn't it? Thank you all so much for the memories and the fun this past year! It truly does mean a lot to me. I remember when I first started to write Shadows of Camaraderie and making the page for Centurion. Now look at where I am. It's astonishing. Don't worry, I do have more planned in the future!

    Sure, many of my friends have left, but I still have an obligation as an Admin, even if I'm not contributing as much. It's hard when barely anyone reads your stuff, right?

    That being said, I look forward to hopefully another year here. Thank you all, and PAW Patrol, we're on a roll!

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  • Shining Fox 1

    Okay, now you all know my OC Sora the fox. However, his backstory is still very much in the dark when compared to Say Tundra's. So I've decided to redo it for a variety of reasons.

    1. A lot of the info on him is outdated-'' For one thing, when he was made I actually was going to have him be my fursona. What that means is what I would be in these situations and I wanted a pup that kind of broke the mold when it came to what kind of dog I could use. A Fox hadn't been done and I felt it would be kind of an interesting twist to show that you can't just use dogs that are domestic pets, and I kind made his background based what RP's I was doing, which in hindsight was a bad kind of made him a one dimensional OC "He had a tragic past, and ot…
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  • Eva & Estrella together forever

    this is a Crack ship adoopt game that was inspried by many people

    you must guess the crack ship of any of my ocs, for expamle paul  is shped with Fila  but in here For Crack ship in anythering universe , Pual is  shiped with kobe.( this is not true or one of the guess)

    none of thses ocs are in my universe or exsit , if want them to be then sure.

    you have 4 guesses.

    you must call them by  #1 #2 # 3# 4.

    there will be more right now theres four 

    if rules were read say " Dashertheicepup"

    all LGBT oc are fine with me.

    you need to look closey to the oc to guess and look at there apperance and design,

    some crack ship are homosexual and heteralsexual.

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  • BluePupBuddy

    Hi everyone.

    I am writing this blog because we got a big problem. The FCC want to destroy the internet by running it themselves as well as other companies being able to control what we see, hear, watch and do online.

    This includes not being able to access Fanfiction, Deviantart, Wikias, YouTube, Videmo, Amazan, Hulu, Facebook, Dailynotion, as well as other sites let alone not being able to post art, stories or whatever we want on the sites.

    They want to get rid of Net Neutrality and run the internet themselves. If they get away with this, this problem will only cause trolls, blocking, fees, paying for video watching, and other negative results.

    We Cannot Allow This To Happen! 

    Please visit the website Battle For The Net or the #BattleForTheNet …

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  • Tundrathesnowpup

    I have to head to work in a few minutes but i wanted to make a quick post. 

    I am getting some motivation back for some stuff, but it's still back and forth because i'm getting absolutely sick of the disrespect that happens around here....The amount of times i've been noted about someone tracing and using my art is driving me insane. I do not allow anyone EVER to reference or trace my art, so please stop. I worked hard to get to the skill level i am today and it's so absolutely rude to just trace over someone else and claim it as your own. keep practicing. Use drawing tutorials, drawing books, things that LET you reference instead of using someone's art that clearly stated not to do those things. please

    I do get a lot of emails and see my wal…

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  • ReeceHW2003

    Happy Canada Day!

    June 30, 2017 by ReeceHW2003

    Yo, what up all you guys and gals and especially Canadians? ReeceHW2003 here to say have a happy Canada Day. Dis is the moment we's all been waitin' for, Canada has lived for 150 years on Earth. Or should I say it's Canada's 150th birthday tomorrow. Ain't dat excitin'? Anyways, peace and have a happy Canada Day tomorrow. 

    ReeceHW2003 Out!



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  • ReeceHW2003


    June 27, 2017 by ReeceHW2003

    Eh, yo. What up, all you guys and gals? ReeceHW2003 here to tell you that I have just graudated from middle school! Well, I know I haven't REALLY graduated since I'm writin' dis blog in school, but Imma be graduating from Grade 8 today! Next year in September, I'm gon' be in Grade 9 in high school. Ain't dat excitin'?

    ReeceHW2003 Out!

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  • YpsiRuss

    I decided to post a little update on the situation. I am still blocked until Wednesday. However, I feel it is way too far off for me because I keep getting left behind on chat and being left alone, while everyone else leaves for that other chat room, not even aware that I was blocked. It feels like that I am invisible to them in a way. Even my friends seem to do this now.... I just wish they could see what is going on and just help me through this... I do not want to be an outcast due to some mistake that occured. (That thing wasn't my fault if you read the other post. Also refer to the other blog post for the disclaimers, as those also apply to the blog post I am writing here.) 

    So basically, when you are left alone, the person may start t…

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  • Dragons19

    YES !!!!                                                                                                                                                          

    The day is finally here ( Well Tomorrow ), Band Camp .. I'm going to be Packing up today and get everything I need for 5 days. But I have to have Try Outs for A band they have Band 1, Band 2, And Band 3. Last year I got Band 2 Chair 10, and got the Spirit Award. I hope I do better from last year. Wish Me Good Luck All ☺

    I'll be on Chat every Night if I can and Share and tell you what I did and learned every day. 

    I'll be thinking of all of my Pup-Pals while Try Outs so I can Have Condefince in myself and just Try my best.  I'll Report what Band I got and What Chair on my Blog ... Bu…

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  • Venz412

    Hectic Weeks

    June 25, 2017 by Venz412

    Hey Guys. Vicente here. The days onwards starting this Tuesday to Friday are becoming preety hectic and busy because I go to school for whole day from 6:00am-4:30pm. and I spend my time most by reading books there or forming some manuscripts based on here.

    I gonna miss you all and talks to ye from time to time. but don't worry I will chat ya again by time and weekends so hehe. 

    Vicente/ Venz: SELYO

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  • The-Rootbeer-Queen

    Wow. I haven't been on here for a while. This place has really changed. Just like this wiki, my thoughts on PAW patrol have changed quite a bit as well. I have slowly been losing interest in PAW patrol. I love my ocs, and I want to keep using them, but I can't really get invested in the show any more. 

        To be perfectly honest, this place has a lot of bad memories that I would much rather forget. My first whole year on here was entirely full of bad choices and regrets. I still have a bad rep some times from people who I knew from back then. I love this wiki, but I also really hate a lot of the things I did on here. I honestly want to distance myself from all this. I don't think I could ever actually leave the wiki, but I don't think I wil…

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  • YpsiRuss

    Feelings This Week...

    June 23, 2017 by YpsiRuss

    Okay... I am not sure how quite to start this off but I am in some turmoil right now with Octonauts Fan Wiki. It related to Skippy's ban here somewhat but not the ban itself. It was about me fighting the ban which I tried to do originally but when they told me to stop, I stopped fighting it after I took down the comment when I was still trying to help her. But then, the comment reappeared and they got mad at me and banned me from chat for 3 days when it wasn't even my fault. I tried to contact Skippy on this and she blocked me for 3 days for fighting the ban, when I was only trying to explain myself to her. Now, the chat ban has been removed but i'm blocked till the coming Friday, or June 30th. I just wanted to make this blog post for any …

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  • Icetiger101

    Ask Stinger!

    June 23, 2017 by Icetiger101

    Hi guys I thought it would be fun to do A Ask Stinger thing so here it is! Basically u just think of a question and post it in comments. Boi! XD.

    Questions that have been asked

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  • Icetiger101

    Hi guys I'm bored so just want to do drawings and stuff.


    1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

    Art Trades

    1.Silverpaw-MacBarrPup 2.Anasol-Eva and Estrella together forever 3. 4. 5.

    ScreenShot edits

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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  • Puppies200

    Today's my birthday!

    June 22, 2017 by Puppies200

    Hello! Today i'm 27. Thanks PAW Patrol, for this good celebration!

    So pups, LIKE ME! Thanks.

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  • Chasebuddy22

    My Wikiversary!

    June 21, 2017 by Chasebuddy22

    Wow.. I can't believe it's been one year since I became a user. I had so much fun within this year. Especially the time when I was just a new user. I want to thank all my friends who have made everyday of my life happy and cheery in this one year. Plus thanks to all the admins who have made this wiki the best and the most safest place in my opinion. 

    Anways, have a great day and good luck!~

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  • MidnightCollies

    Been a while.

    June 19, 2017 by MidnightCollies

    Title says it all basically. :"D man it's been almost a year? I think? Since I was last on this Wikia. As much as I'd like to say things have changed with my feelings towards this fandom... they haven't. I still have very little interest in my ocs.

    Anyways, you're probably wondering why I'm here if I'm still not in a PAW Patrol "mood". well- due to recent complications with my art app on my iPad, I've had to delete a lot of drawings from it. A few of them were PAW Patrol ones that I never posted here, and even a couple ocs that I never got around to posting too. So I'm probably gonna post those drawings and pages and then leave for a while again. Sorry guys :/

    If you want to find me, follow me on Instagram or Deviantart

    Insta: Midnight_Collie…

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  • Venz412

    This Is Vincente Laurel or Venz. I am absent from 7:00am to 3:30pm Philippine Standard Time  because I am taking school. and don't worry i will be online if I can so I can roleplay with ya again.


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  • Asa12

    My Cat

    June 19, 2017 by Asa12

    Ok so I seldom do blogs but I wanted you to meet my cat that has a interesting story how we met.

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  • Eva & Estrella together forever

    this is very imortant, june 21st is my b-day,but i'll be in Mexico for Vaction, please wish me good luck,and JUNE 21​! is my BRITH DAY. i dont have any computres there and i'll be gone for 4 days,so i'll be needing chisel and macbarrpup to watch my ocs. and i will be my brith day, june 21 and i will be selibrating it when i come back on the 23d,if you wanna draw me something on my wall go ahead or messge me on my wall happy bday go ahead, i will be leaving toamrow after noon plaes wish me the best time ever,i'll mis you guys on vaction, i'll be back in 4 days and chisel and maccbarr our in charge to watch my ocs.

    ​thank you miss you all, wish me an awesome bday, at rosarito mexico!

    ​eva out!

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  • Chase787

    Hey! It's been a while. I think. I don't know. Time just going fast I think. XD

    Anyway, ths blog is to say I have got another special story idea. Yes. Another one.

    Please note that I'm not talking about that story with you guys ideas in it. I am still working on that a bit.

    This story is called "Killing Weathers"

    This is a small bit of info about the special.

    It's the day Officer Rex Weathers makes a speech about the new law in Adventure Bay. If you have a gun or plan to buy one, you need a form that must be signed by Mayor Goodway or Rex himself. But this is not going over well with someone. And decide's they will shoot Weathers for the idea, hoping that they will kill him. But will they?

    So that's just a small summary.

    But I need help with this…

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  • Eva & Estrella together forever

    hey guys i have some adopts up,for ya'll.


    ​you can pretty much do whatever you want ot them,just dont change the breed nor personality,nor gender

    ​all LGBT ocs a appetable

    ​let me know when you create the page.

    ​give me credit!!!

    ​Please read this !!!! dont let them sit there and die,use them,if you dont use them at lest within two mounths im taking them away becuase thats showing that the oc has no reason to be here and you wasted my time doing these  and dont like my choice of oc.

    ​if you read the rules say Rocky is the cutest!     ( its just  my opininon )

    ​1. TAKEN! A pomerian,shes senstive,when people bring up that shes nose blind,she bubbly and a little bit quriky. 

    2. a pinkingese, hes a sneeky and quit and ea…

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  • RoaringRedRanger
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  • WolfCommander22

    Moving on up!

    June 15, 2017 by WolfCommander22

    All future Cyber Checks will now be pages

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  • Animalpup

    Hey guys it's Animalpup or Mady here. Yesterday I realized it my two year Wikiversary today. Yes I have been on this wiki for two whole years, creating oc, stories, collabs and making friends with all you guys who are my pup pals.

    To pretty much everyone who are my friends: Thank you for supporting, rping or helping me over these two years.

    Now for announcements:

    I am officially out of school for the year. Sophomore year is finally over and going to be a Junior next year.

    I am officially starting Zoo Crew next week Wednesday. I am so excited for it

    I got a real paying job! I am not going to be working full time just at least one day a week Sunday or Friday depending which parent I am with.

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  • WolfCommander22

    I, am WolfCommander22.

    Welcome to Cyber Check with me, WolfCommander22. This might have 32 episodes (audio book read by Lenny!). Let's begin

    Dateline: here

    There is an issue with short fuses. When FoxKid5674 tried to fix the problems caused by an imposter, the people wouldn't listen, and the lad was ratted out by...Angelinathewolfpup. Are YOU ready for an unforgiving world?! If we don't start forgiving the wrongdoers, THE WORLD WILL FALL APART!!! Ever heard of the saying, keep you friends close and your enemies closer??

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  • PitbullLover


    June 14, 2017 by PitbullLover

    This really isn't the way that I wanted to start my summer, but it looks like it will be necessary. I made a blog that sort of addressed this issue back in August ( but I guess people need reminded of it once again. In my last blog, I kept everything private. No names were used and no one was directly called out. I've seen a few other admins write similar posts where no names were used, but obviously that tactic isn't working. So...

    James: Thunderbird1InternationalRescue

    Flame: FlamingPup

    Chisel: Chisel's-on-the-way

    Owen: Evervest 212

    Skippy: Angelinathe ballerinapup  (You're banned now, but you still need to hear this)

    This is a message for you guys, and maybe a few…

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  • CrazyNeonWolfx


    June 14, 2017 by CrazyNeonWolfx

    Hi guys and girls it's Crazy here and I just wanted to ask a question... What is a blog post XD Sorry I'm being so dumb but I truly don't know.

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  • Shining Fox 1

    Okay, this wiki site is such a pain..I've tried and tried and tried to post some of my stories...and it just won't work. The thing I use is Open Office which is basically Microsoft Word, but it either deletes it almost immediately, or it messes up the layout to the point where it's unreadable. In case you haven't noticed I stopped posting stuff like my stories for a good while now..that's why. I just thought I'd make that clear. I am posting it on DA mainly because it's a better system and just works with what I need more.


    Okay, I managed to find a few tricks to get this wiki to work, so I will post SOME things but not a lot.

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  • Evervest 212


    June 13, 2017 by Evervest 212

    Hi guys owen here just making this as the title suggests i will be doing a Q&A leave any questions below and I'll anwser them have a good day guys

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  • Mega-PoNEO
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  • Chasebuddy22


    June 8, 2017 by Chasebuddy22

    Hey all!~ I just figured out that I really need to pass my time. The only way to do is I need to draw something. But since I don't have anything in my mind, I would be pleased to draw any two ocs  of yours.

    Well I'm gonna try drawing different pups. Each User may only give 1 or 2 pups per picture. They can be any two. It's not really themed. This is not an art trade. I'm gonna draw your pups but I won't take any drawing from you (In other words, you don't have to draw for me in return) So sit back and relax til I finish drawing ^^. 

    So let's think about how the picture is going to be. Tell me on the comments if you want or doesn't want the background. For example: If you want your pups to be at a certain place such as beach or lookout, just …

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  • Cristletheminningpup

    Cristle's Blog

    My life has been pretty awesome now that I'm on the pup patrol. Although we get crazy problems to fix, like one hot summer day the pool drained out and clogged so Duke had to go fix it. While he fixed the pool Erin and I had to take care of the kids, it was crazy the left tons of stuff in my mine van and trashed my pup pup boogie dance board. We have many more weird adventures, but that's all. Cristle out!

    ( pup cars, pup pup boogie, pup patrol, and pup missions are all credited to paw patrol).

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  • Puppylove5

    hey there

    June 7, 2017 by Puppylove5

    so... hey, yeah I know it's been a while

    Meanwhile I've gone trough a lot, and well still going trough. I've noticed I've grown a lot, my englisch didn't... So I figured I might get back at writing again

    All I wanted to say for now

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  • Eva & Estrella together forever

    hello im open for art trades,and i wanna draw something

    you must read the rules before,commeting

    3 ocs per picture

    it a free draw so do what ever u want. but no sexual, stuff even if u have DA  yes i do.

    all LGBT ocs  are acepptable

    and no gory stuff

    if you read the rules say chasexskye forever trade with pitbulllover

    2 art trade with chase buddy








    Eva & Estrella together forever (talk) 18:34, June 4, 2017 (UTC)

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    Hello everyone! I've had this idea where we use so that we can watch and talk about Paw Patrol together! I don't have the dates worked out yet, but I'll update this blog as soon as I do.

    Some of you may be confused on how twitch works so here's the basics of what will happen. If someone just wants to watch Paw Patrol when I'm streaming then that's fine,you don't need an account if you're just watching it. If you want to watch AND talk about it then you'll need to make an account so that you can connect to the chat that it already set up on the website.

    We will NOT be using the wikis chat to have a group conversation during the stream. If you would like to Private Message someone who is also watching the stream to talk about it that…

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  • Ethan rocks
    • What if there was a natural disaster. Meaning: tornados, tsunami, earth quake, forest fire
    • What if a few of the pups kept on having a nightmares and was too afraid to go to sleep
    • Idea for a future episode:what if something happened with one of the pups that somehow they end up in the future and we see how they get back to the time they left
    • Idea for when they do the Sea Patroller: Chase 's truck could turn into a speed boat, Rubbel's bulldozer could turn into a submarine but still have the same features as his rig ( bucket,crane,drill)
    • Mission Paw 2: this could be an episode where some thing goes wrong and they need all the pups to help(when I mean all the pups I was thinking about every pup that was mentioned in Paw Patrol
    • Idea for a pup: what…
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  • Ltc97

    Graduation 2017

    June 2, 2017 by Ltc97

    Today I just Graduated from High School and now Ik u guys would always support me always, I love my friends and family on here and now I'll miss my graduating class of 2017 😔😞😢 but yesterday's gone and I gotta keep moving on. Thank u guys for supporting me 😃😀😊

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  • Koho2001-2

    I'm Back (kinda)

    June 1, 2017 by Koho2001-2

    Okay so let's get the first disclaimer out of the way. The reason I switched to this account is that I partially want to distance myself from my old account and also, I want to change my name back to something simillar to Koho2001.

    So let's start. I'm kind of coming back. 

    I gave away most of my old characters and those characters are going to stay given away. But the ones I'm keeping I will use again.

    Here's where things are going to go with ships.

    Ships that are my OC x my OC will stay the same

    Ships shared with other people, that can be figured out by them and finally

    Koho is the only one that this applies to, and no. Koho is no longer going to be shipped with Everest. I am going to keep his pups and work out his story better. 

    Let's get to th…

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  • Xavierthespecialvet

    Hey guys, Xav here and with another notice...again...XD

    I can't believe that school is coming for me...Awww...I really want to spend my time with you guys but, I don't have any other choice. Plus, my stress is lowering because I rest for awhile like really, hehehe. Anyways, Venz! I'm thinking yours will be starting at June 5? I hope it's 13. 

    Also, when classes come for me, I might be away for awhile since then, but as of now, I can still my spend my time with ya guys. Hope you guys understand.

    Xav peace and out!

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  • Angelinatheballerinapup

    Hey, All!  

    Yes, I'm hosting a contest.

    You see my Oc Tansy needs a crush but all the good creatures that are a boy that are gone. So I'm wondering if anyone out there is willing to try to make or suggest a crush for her. You can learn all about her from here. Tansy by or here

    Usually you can ask a friend to make a crush but she is so special to me... I don't know what kind of creature to make her for her crush.   

     Prizes: 1 Prize be Tansy mate

     2 Prize 2  drawing from me

    3 Prized is a free from me. 



     It has to be a male creature (I"m sorry I do like LBGT couples but not her)

    It can be really anything you want it to be so that means …

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  • Xavierthespecialvet

    Hey guys, Xav here. Time for another notice upon IRL...

    You see, I've been having some time helping my family because I'm practically the oldest, so in this case, I've wanted to wanted to spend my time here in the wiki or to play my games, but for any other reason that I can't avoid it, because I'm really, really, stressed...

    I feel really tired, especially when I have more demands for collage that would start around either June 5 or 13. I'm not sure when it will be started but I hope it'll be 13. Anyways, for a time that I have to spare, I might be finding myself in a road block due to more activites and school times to deal with. Trust me, it isn't any other problem that I can't avoid it, and more importantly, it is really crucial to me.


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  • Venz412

    Back to reality

    May 30, 2017 by Venz412

    Since the Editors here are now going to have a vacay. I am going to be a hectic busy next month. because when June arrives(2 days from now) I will go to school now and hope to be accepted. I will be a little active during the time. and I will miss to have pup pals talked and have fun with me.

    June: Back to School

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  • Charlie tanner


    May 30, 2017 by Charlie tanner

    Hey guys, guess who's back? At least for a bit of the summer anyways.

    I've come to make the announcement that, since it's summertime- it's about time i work on my own universe, The Anthro Superhero Universe. I won't me on here often unless needed, but if you need me- i'll be here at the Superhero AU wikia, working on stuff there, feel free to stop on by if you're interested.

    I have a lot of catching up to do, it's been awhile since i've been on the wikia.

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