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Brax was back at the look out and was talking his to Paw Patrol but then got confused

Chase: Why are you back I thought you were half way to Hawaiii?

Brax: Why would I be on my way to Hawaii?

Chase: Well we saw you and Blaze surfing to Hawaii

Brax: Wow wow wow you met Blaze

Chase: Yes

Brax: Like Blaze, Blaze

Chase: Yes!

Brax: Like Blaze my sister Blaze

Chase: YES!!! >:(......

Chase: But when I and the rest of the Paw Patrol saw you we thought you had way shorter hair

Brax: OH NO!!!!!

Chase: What?

Brax: That wasn't me that was Conner

Paw patrol: WHAT?!?!

Rocky: We should go after her

Brax: No he's way too powerful for any of us but I know someones whos good enough to get her out 

All execept for Brax: WHO?!?!?!?

Brax: Jake

Skye: Who's Jake

Brax: He's a friend from a Hawaii he knows how to deal with people like this

Marshall: I you sure?

Brax: Of course I'm sure

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