this character belongs to Crescenttherangerpup98.

Blank is a civilian pup who runs away from home in multiple ocassions and is Rosalia's first patient.

Bio Edit

Blank is an overprotected pup who gets tired of the life he carries making him to run away from home more than once. In one of his escapes he gets caught in an accident that leaves him in critical condition. But is the damage he got from the accident?

Personality Edit

Blank is a kind pup who is forced to hide that side to keep a low profile. his made up can be extremely rude and antisocial as he tries to mimic what he thinks a stray pup acts like. He is ignorant to the dangers of the streets yet he thinks that life is better than his old one.

Appearance Edit

Blank is a white german shepherd/husky mix with messed up hair that needs grooming. His eyes are red and is really thin. He is not very strong and relys on tricks to keep others at bay. He has a red collar with a round golden tag.

Trivia Edit

  • His real name is Blake

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