Black Rainbow is the youngest of Sunny's brothers and sisters.
Black Rainbow



Black Rainbow is the youngest, and he always tries his best to make his father proud of him. His mother said that he is the image of his dad when he was his age.

Black Rainbow tries his best like Minty Grass, but he's more careful and not as reckless. He even works hard and practices everyday, and he trained himself to be super honest.


Black Rainbow can swing his tail and knock away bad guys, crush boulders, and even use it to hit a homerun in baseball. He's part of the White-Tails Baseball team (one of the many baseball teams in Harmonia).

He knows his spots have a special power and he tries to discover it.


Black Rainbow has a black coat and he has spots all over his body, each one of the colors of the rainbow. He has a dragon tail that he got from his dad's genes.

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