Binky is a Trainee to Ginny making her a Sculpture Pup. She also has a brother named Hobbes

Apperance Edit

She is a sand colored Mutt. She has brown on her front paws and ear tips. Her lef ear is half perked and her right ear is perked. Her tail is also long and very furry with a brown tip. She wears a darker Grey collar and has dark purple eyes.

Her uniform is White with a dark grey apron and accents. She also wears a beret. Her Crest is a large slab of stone being carved into.

Personality Edit

She is a bit of a hot head and shor fused. She will bark and growl and pups for simply coming near her when shes upset. Shes nice around few pups but around theses pups shes actualy a really nice pup.

Bio Edit

Binky and Hobbes parents cared for them for the first few weeks after there birth but one day while searching for food the parents where caught by a dogcatchet. The two ended up seperated while looking for food. A few weeks later they met one day at a trash can and emediatley became friends. Unaware they where siblings at the time. For about the first year of there lives they lived on the streets till they where saved by the Paw Patrol. After being taken in by the Paw patrol they lived with them for a few months before Binky took a liking to Ginnys Job of being a sculptor and requested to become her trainee. After a test or two she was given the title of Sculptor Pup Trainee

Trivia Edit

Pup Pack Edit

  • Carving Tools for Clay
  • Carving Tools for Stone

Catchprases Edit

Vehicle Edit

Fears Edit

Random Edit

  • She is named after my Cat
  • She and her Brother Hobbes are nearly inseperable
  • She doesent have many friends and though she acts like it doesent matter whenever a pup calls her a friend she wont take that compliment very lightly

Crush Edit

She eventualy falls for Hack

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