One of the songs from Pups Don't Dance.

Because of Zuma's goals, Vivica feels that her fame in the spotlight is in jeopardy. She sings a song about her plan to get the pups out of her way.


Vivica: Vivica's not get where she is today

By letting herself get pushed around

No boy or girl

Or mangy little puppy

Is going to drag her down

Gram: *Laughs evilly*

Yipper: Quiet, Gram!

Vivica: The lightning

Will be flashing

The thunder

It will roar

They'll never know

What hit'em

Wait'll they see

What she has in store

Big and Loud

It will be Big and Loud

When they fall

They'll really fall

And they're gonna fall Big

And they're gonna fall Loud

They're gonna fall Big and... *Laughs evilly*

Gram: *Laughs evilly*

Yipper: Quiet, Gram!

Vivica: Loooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuud

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