This is one of the songs from Pups Don't Dance.

Vivica, the famous poodle star, gives Zuma some advice on how to attract audiences. By being big and loud.


Vivica: She's seen them come

And She's seen them go

There's one thing

Vivica know

You've gotta give the people

What they want

Or you'll wind up

Back in Silver Creek, Nebraska

Zuma: I'm 'fwom' Adventure Bay, Miss Vivica.

Vivica: Whatever...

They like it Big

They like it Loud

Maybe a little bit jazzy sometimes

Little mister

Listen and see

You don't have to be good

But, you had better be

Gram: That's hot, Miss Vivica.

Vivica: Big and Loud

Big and Loud

Gonna make your mama proud

When you're Big



(Songs ends) (Zuma's mouth is hanging)

Leaves you kinda speechless. Don't it.

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