Chapter 4:

Ryder: Chase start sniffing.

Chase: okay. Come on,this way.

They arrived at a cave. They found Skye but she was in a cage and they couldn't get her out with the key.

Ryder: Skye! Are you okay.

Skye: Yeah but get me out hurry before he gets back!

Chase: Where is the key.

Skye: It's on that tall shelf. Ryder you will have to get it.

Ryder: I got it. there you go Skye.

After they got Skye out,Big Paw was coming into the cave Skye had to get back into the cave. Ryder and Chase had to hide.

Ryder: Here's what we are going to do when Big Paw leaves we get Skye out and leave.

Chase: But what if he doesn't leave. Ryder: He will have to leave at one point. Until he leaves we will stay here and hide.

Hours passed but Big Paw still hasn't left, so Chase and Ryder fell asleep and when they woke up Skye and Big Paw was gone, and they were locked in the cage.

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