Ryder: And the pair out is....

(The pups look worried)

Ryder: Lindsay and Flash.

Lindsay: Awww...

Flash: I'm a photographer, not a athlete.

Diego: Yes! We won!

Lindsay: Good game.

Ranni: Thanks guys.

Diamond: Ha! I knew some, amature, couldn't win!

Lace: Great job guys! At least you don't have to get sweaty.

Lindsay: I don't know if I should be relieved or enraged....

Sophie: I think, you should follow your heart.

(Lindsay looks annoyed)

Lindsay: Let's go to lunch.

Flash: Sounds great!

Ryder: Time for the

(Sophie and Fire lite up)

Fire: YES!

(At the starting line)

Ryder: Ready, set, GO!

(Sophie and Fire go faster than ever)

Chase: Hurry Marshall!

Marshall: O- WOAH!

(He falls over)

(At the end)

Fire: We won! We won!

(Skye and Zuma appear)

Sophie: Wow!

Skye: We knew you'd win.

Zuma: But we still are a team!

(They high five)

(Sophie and Fire hug)

Skye and Zuma: Awww.

?????: I'm gonna be sick!

(It's Ranni and Diego)

Diego: 3rd place is okay....

Fire: It's great!

Ranni: How are you so fast?!

Sophie: I'm a maildog.

Fire: I've got science by my side!

(Soon every pup comes)

Ryder: Sorry Rubble and Rocky.....

Both: Aww....

Ryder: Next up, soccer! Let's choose teams....

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