Mayor Goodway: Hello Ryder,hello PAW Patrol!

Pups: Hi mayor Goodway.

Ryder: Hello, what's up?

Mayor Goodway: It's Adventure Bay Best Friend Day! Everyone have there best friends for the races?

Chase: Marshall and I are teaming up!

Marshall: Yep!

Skye: So is Zuma and I.

Ryder: I'm going with Katie.

The rest say their best friends

Diamond: Me and Lace are teaming up and we're gonna beat you guys!

Lace: Hard!

The pups started to argue over who's going to win the most activities until Ryder calms them down

Ryder: Don't let these races tare our friendships a part.

Pups: Okay...

Later before the first race starts...

Skye: Hey look! two new pups!

They looked over to see a Akita wolf mix named Ranni and a schnauzer wolf mix named Diego.

Skye: Hello I'm Skye and this is Chase, Rocky, Lace, Diamond, Sophie, Track, Paige, Coujo, Grace (names out the rest of the pups)... And this is Ryder, our leader.

Ranni: Hey! I'm Ranni this is Diego.

Diego: Sup.

Skye: Me and Chase just started dating.

Diego: Oh ,well good for you!

Ranni: (takes a sip of water)

Chase: How long have you and Ranni been dating?

Ranni: (spits out all the water in her mouth)

Diego: (starts rolling on the floor laughing)

Skye: What's so funny?

Diego: (gets up) we're not dating.

Ranni: We're just best friends.

Skye: (blushes embarrassed along with Chase) oh.

Ranni: Nah. A lot of people get mixed up.

Ryder: where are you guys from?

Ranni: I'm from L.A Diego here is from Ireland

Grace: Really? What's it like there?

Diego: It's nice me and Ranni go back once a year for the ring of Kerry race and stay a couple of days.

Ranni: It's a really cool place.

Diego: Hey,the games are starting.

Chase: Oh you guys are competing?

Ranni: Yep. Come on Danny.

Rocky: Danny?

Diego: Some friends call me that because I look like my older bro,Danny.

Ranni: Ya, Ya let's chat later (pulls his bandana)

Diego: (Chuckles) I'm coming, I'm coming :D

Rubble: Hey Ranni, you look really pretty. You wanna go on a date?

Diego: (smug smirk)

Ranni: (glares at him) Sorry Rubble, but no.

Rubble: Aww :(

Announcer: And first up the piggy back race!

Diego: (leans down so Ranni can get up) after you

Ranni: Hehe okay (hops on)

Announcer: And it looks like Chase and Marshall are in the lead

Marshall and Chase: We're winning we're winning

Diego: (up beside them) hey guys (passes them) by guys

Announcer: But Diego and Ranni pass them out!

Marshall and Chase: We're losing, We're losing!

Skye: Hurry up we have to beat them!

Zuma: Well eat less and maybe we would win!

Skye: Grrr

Announcer: And Diego and Ranni win

Diego: (falls over)

Ranni: (while laughing) why'd you fall

Diego: (while laughing) Not my fault you eat too much meat

Ranni: (while laughing) Hey (pulls his ear playfully)

Diego: (while laughing)No fair (nibs her nose playfully)

Ryder: See they won because they can corporate

Pups: (roll their eyes)

If you want to see Ranni and Diego's pics look at their profiles :)

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