Belle is the Power-pup of the PAW Patrol who debuts in FPGOutlaw's storyline in Pups and the Midnight Dog Rescue.


Season 1Edit

Pups and the Midnight Dog RescueEdit

Belle is first found by Mayor Goodway, as she is stuck under some wood pellets. The Mayor calls Ryder, at which Chase, Ryder, and Rubble go to help her get unstuck. Belle is then brought back to the Lookout, where she meets the rest of the pups, and starts a relationship with Rubble in that same time.

Pups and the Savior of RockyEdit

Belle is cleaning her truck with Marshall. She is then called later on by Ryder to be flown in by Skye into the mud to save the stuck kitten. Her, and Rubble, then have to attach Chase's hook to Rocky's truck, which is stuck in the mud. She is successful, and is not seen for the rest of the episode. 

Pups and the ChangesEdit

Belle was first seen with Ryder, Belle was called to the Lookout, along with the rest of the pups, when Rocky disappeared. She is called, along with Zailey, to search downtown to find Rocky.

Season 2Edit

Pups and the Ice Cream MysteryEdit

Belle was called to the Lookout along with the rest of the pups, as they are going to need her strength to help carry the missing ice cream once they find it. She is then called back to the Lookout when they find the ice cream, and is once again needed to use her strength, but this time it's to open the freezer door on Miko's ship. She is then seen with Ryder, Rocky, Rubble, Zailey, Marshall, Skye, and Zuma as they plan an ultimate heist to get the ice cream. When things go wrong, she jumps off the boat in evasive movements from the guards. After she sneaks to grab all of the ice cream, Miko grabs her and takes her away. She is then, unacknowledged, in Miko's truck when he returns to the Lookout, ready to get the other pups as well.

Pups Get DividedEdit

Belle is in Miko's truck when the attack on the Lookout happens. Belle communicates with Skye when she is captured as well. They are then taken to Miko's compound, where Miko says that he's a Dog-Eater. Rubble, Rocky, and Zailey then show up, and attempt to get Belle and Skye out of their cages, but Miko shows up. Before the pups come, Belle and Skye communicate more, becoming great friends.

Personality Edit

Belle is very friendly, and loves to meet new people. In her debut episode, "Pups and the Midnight Dog rescue", she showed some slight of affection for Rubble. She has a crush on him.


She has super-strength, and she loves to show it!



Well, she is nice, and pretty, and strong. But why would she go for me?.
~ Rubble to Skye about Belle on Pups and the Midnight Dog Rescue

Rubble and Belle became close after Rubble helped in saving her when she was stuck under the wood pellets. They then started a relationship with each other, which has lasted all the way up to currency. Rubble was shown to be very sad at the fact that she was kidnapped by Miko, and it is unknown about their current state.


Bet I can get mine done faster!
~ Belle to Marshall, about washing their trucks on Pups and the Savior of Rocky

They are not shown to interact at all when Belle showed up to the Lookout, but they are shown to be friends in the next episode as they are washing trucks together. They playfully try to outdo each other by getting their trucks washed faster than the other. Marshall, like the rest of the pups, were shown to be sad when Belle was kidnapped. It is unknown about their current state.


Alright pups, Belle has been taken by Miko.
~ Chase to the rest of the pups about Belle's kidnapping on Pups and the Ice Cream Mystery

Chase helped find Belle when she was trapped under the wood pellets so Rubble could help her get unstuck, and she appreciates him for it. However, the pups are not shown to interact much at all after their initial greeting, even though Chase was shown with happy when she said she could stay at the Lookout for an extra day, and was even happier that she was to be made an official member of the PAW Patrol.


You two are so sweet together
~ Belle to Rocky and Zailey about their relationship on Pups and the Savior of Rocky (Draft)

These pups don't interact much, but she said that Rocky and Zailey together is very sweet, albeit only in the draft of the episode.


These pups have yet to interact in this storyline.


Skye: So Rubble, what does Belle have on you?
~ Skye to Rubble, ready to help him with his relationship with Belle. on Pups and the Midnight Dog Rescue

Skye is shown to care about Rubble and his odd relationship with Belle, effectively showing she wants to see Belle happy. Skye was kidnapped along with Belle (Even though the former happened much later in time), and they communicated, even though most of it wasn't on the script, which a person can guess they have become good friends.


These pups have yet to interact in this storyline.


Ryder cared deeply about saving Belle, and made her a member of the PAW Patrol almost immediately upon her arrival. This shows that Ryder must like and trust Belle.


Belle is a mixed-breed, and like Rocky, her true breed is unknown.


  •  Let's do this!
  •  My power is ready at any hour!


  • Belle was the first Fanon character in FPGOutlaw's PAW Patrol
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