Bellatrix is a first generation pup that belongs to Tunderthesnowpup


Bellatrix is a normal black, brown, and white basset hound, older sibling of Beauford (by about 20 minutes). She has the same grey eyes as he does, but does not share his lemon colored coat. She wears a glow in the dark collar, with a badge with a galaxy on it.


More outgoing than her brother, she's more excited and talkative, but not as laid-back and mild-mannered. She tends to be a bit on the rash side, jumping to conclusions a lot before finding out the details, and gets embarrassed when she's corrected. She's got a big heart and a huge soft spot for young puppies


  • She's almost always by her brother's side- living with him at their owner's resort.
  • She works in a small planetarium room that their owner built on the side of their resort. She loves to teach about space and the galaxy, and really loves making lightshows
  • Her nicknames are "Trix" or "Bells"
  • Named after Bellatrix the star, and also after Bellatrix in Harry Potter

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