Beauty belongs to XXHuskyPupXx.


Beauty is kind, but can sometimes be boastful after having a bath or being groomed. She loves hanging out with Skye and Everest but is not getting along with Chase. If you would like to hang out with her, don't bring Chase, they argue on who is the best.


Beauty only remembers falling in love with Zuma when a tsunami hit Adventure Bay when all pups were still babies. This threatened most of the land on Adventure Bay, but Beauty got trapped under a wooden log. When she howled for help, Zuma dashed towards her and lifted the log off her body. She was so happy she wanted to marry him and show him lots of respect every day.


Beauty is a white poodle with a light red outfit.



•"Don't feel pity, just keep pretty!"

•"Let's show this crew what Beauty can do!"

Pack Tools



•Glitter cannon


Beauty's vehicle is a fashion truck, filled with glitter cannons which can stun moving animals and people. It starts off with a big pup-house like Chase's, except it has colour and beauty.




•Not being beautiful enough

•Only Daddy Long Leg spiders, not others.

•If she would lose her vehicle

•If Zuma broke up


Beauty doesn't have many friends, and these are: Zuma, Skye, Everest and the Space Patrol. She doesn't have many friends, but enjoys playing with the ones she has.

Known Family

•Bellanya - Mum

•Crusher - Dad (deceased)

•Leksie - Sister

•Bronckis - Brother

•Gyrren - Step Dad

•Alessandra - Half-sister

•Iberia - Half-sister

•Tokyo - Half-sister




•Tug of war


•Pup-Pup Boogie

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