Beauford is a Resort manager pup that Tundrathesnowpup adopted from Smartpup Chase76


Beauford is a rare Lemon and white furred Basset Hound pup with short hair that repels dirt and water and is dense enough to protect him in all sorts of weather. He has grey eyes and wears a black collar with a bisque tag and a hotel on it.


He is mild-mannered, and is too laid-back to ever be sharp-tempered, calm indoors but alert enough that he makes an excellent watchdog like all hounds, he can be stubborn when it comes to training and responds best to positive methods such as food rewards and food rewards, unhappy if left alone all day


  • His nickname is Ford
  • He lives in a resort with his owner that's just off the coast of Adventure Bay. It's a waterfront Resort, and he loves to help the tourist with the water activities, such as water skiing, tubing, and other fun things.
  • He isn't a part of the PAW Patrol, but Ryder gave him his tag as a gift when he stayed at the resort with the pups
  • He has separation anxiety and hates being alone. He prefers to have other pups or people with him at all times, even at night, thankfully he usually has his sister Bellatrix by his side.
  • He has a crush on Sammie, meeting her on a trip to visit the PAW Patrol. He fell for her instantly and loves to calm her down when she's upset- loving to know she has all these emotions and doesn't bottle them up

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