Beast is a purebred akita pup. He is a student at Paws & Claws Prep.


He's a big teddy bear all nice and fluffy. He's fairly tall and he has a tail that curls around all the way to his back. He has tan fur with a black face and black ears. He has two white spots on his chest surrounded with splotches of black. The top white spot goes up to under his chin to the tip of his muzzle. He has four white paws with a little black on his legs as well.


He's very fun-loving and loves to explore with friends. He'll always ask his friends if they would like to play with him or take a walk. He's inspirational to other little pups or other students too when he's working on his subjects.

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  • He enjoys adventures
  • He loves learning new things
  • He adores making new friends
  • His appearance and name are from a dog that I saw in town~


He has no known crush


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